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Clever ways to hide grown-out roots without dyeing your hair

Although grown-out roots have now become a popular trend of the year, there are still some girls who aren’t a fan of this idea and don’t feel comfortable to carry such hair outside. Girls, who often get their hair colored, know very well that grown out roots can sometimes look too hideous especially when the grown-out roots are grey. In this situation, the easiest thing you could do is go to the salon and get a root touch-up from a professional and if that’s not possible then you can also choose to color your hair globally at home, and if neither of the options seems fitting to you, then you can simply opt for other alternatives that involve zero hair coloring. Yes! You heard that right, there’s a way you can skip getting your hair colored for quite some time. And not exactly one way but 5 ways to hide your grown outs roots without having to get them colored.

Show off that headband

You have two reasons to wear headband this season, one, because you obviously need a cover for your grown-out roots and second, because headbands are having a major moment right now and they look every bit of chic and attractive when carried off with different looks. No matter your age, these headbands just make anything and everyone look a lot more voguish. From pretty colors and types to prints and designs, you can find these headbands in a huge variety, and stocking up on them would prove to be really beneficial as you can easily sport them with many of your outfits. An added advantage, it will keep all the flyaways at bay.

Try a different hair partition

One of the easiest ways to hide your grown-out roots is by parting your hair from the other end as opposed to your usual side. Try doing a deep side partition on your hair as it provides maximum root coverage whilst also adding some amount of volume and texture to fine tresses. Due to your hair not being used to this partition, the chances of it falling back to its usual parting position become higher, therefore, whenever you try this method, always tie your hair into a low ponytail or braid to keep your hairstyle intact.

Tie a scarf on your hair

Add a pop of color to your hair by donning a scarf over it. If by any chance, you don’t own a headband, you can put one of your scarves to great use by tying it around your hair. You can tie a scarf in multiple ways and using a scarf as a hair accessory is one of the trending ways to do your hair. You can either take a scarf or wrap to try this method and it will flawlessly disguise your grown-out roots whilst also adding extra punch to your look.

Slicked-back hairstyle ftw!!

When nothing else seems to be working for you, try a slicked-back hairstyle, which can work wonders if done correctly. It’s no secret that slicked-back hairstyles look extremely charming and ultra-polished especially when it is carried to an important event. But here we are not trying to achieve a glam look; the purpose of creating this hairstyle is to make your hair look darker and the roots to look less obvious. Before styling your hair, apply a nice coat of styling gel on the mane and brush it nicely to create a slick bun or pony.

Volumize your hair with a blow dryer

One of the quickest ways to conceal your grown-out roots is by adding some volume to your mane. This trick works as a great distraction and draw all the attention from your roots to fuller hair. If using the traditional method of blow drying your hair using a round brush doesn’t seem feasible to you then you can also use dry shampoo to achieve the same results.