4 Ways To Mend Your Skin Barrier

The skin barrier is the outermost layer of your skin, the first line of defense of the skin just like a security guard. A strong barrier guards the skin against the world’s blitz. A healthy skin barrier knocks off the long list of skin issues. So, if you have a weak skin barrier, here are a few ways in which you can mend.
But before we proceed on to the ways let’s identify a weak skin barrier. Do you even have a weak skin barrier?
If you have dry and dehydrated skin it’s more likely you have a weak or damaged skin barrier. Also, with age as the water content of your body dries up the skin barrier also tends to become weak. Another great way to check a weak skin barrier is the sensitivity of your skin. If your skin is prone to redness, rashes, and irritations you have a weak skin barrier.
A weak and damaged skin barrier is not a healthy sign and should be repaired. So, here are a few ways that will help you to strengthen a weak skin barrier.

Wear SPF Daily

SPF is a very important ritual of your skincare regime. No amount of skincare can do the world of good if you’re not using an SPF regularly. Unprotected UV exposure can break your skin’s barrier so it’s really important before you step out in the sun, make sure you’ve applied a good amount of sunscreen. There is no substitute for this step and you have to apply it if you really don’t want your other skincare products to turn out trash.
When looking for a good SPF always opt for a broad spectrum one that is a protection against all the harmful lights. And the range should be between 40 to 50.

Simplify Your Skincare

Skincare doesn’t need to be 10 products to be effective. Rather, the incorporation of a few but effective products and steps is the key. It’s time to go back to basics where skincare was all about using a cleanser and a moisturizer and to make it sound a bit more including toner that’s it. Your weak barrier needs some fixing so by using too many products you’ll rather damage it.
So, when having a weak barrier stick to simple and basic skincare products that your skin doesn’t feel the burden of.

Incorporates Antioxidants

Antioxidants have known to be infused with properties that help to fight against free radicals and environmental stressors. An antioxidant-rich skincare regime boosts the healthy barrier of your skin thus repairing the weak and damaged skin barrier.
Also, antioxidants help to minimize the aging signs that showed up due to any oxidative damage. If you’re wondering what these antioxidants are? Pick any of the products infused with these ingredients and you have antioxidants introduced to your skincare regime. Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Niacinamide, Retinol, and Polyphenols are a few well-known antioxidants in skincare.

Hydrate And Moisturize Your Skin

It’s a really important step in strengthening the weak skin barrier. Dry and dehydrated skin is the biggest sign of a weak skin barrier so it’s clear that you can’t miss a moisturizer. To fix those dry cracks on your skin always look for ingredients such as glycerin, ceramides, vitamin E, lipophilic agents, and hyaluronic acid that acts as a cement in filling the dry cracks of your skin through which the skin faces a drop in the moisture content.
Bonus Tip: make sure you drink enough water that also helps to fortify a weak skin barrier. Just to remind it’s time you drink one glass!