5 Different methods to get rid of facial hair

Facial hair can be a lot to deal with. Not only they make your face appear very hairy but also somehow hinder you from achieving that flawless looking makeup. While some women deal with coarse dark hair, some have got a blanket of blond fuzz covering their faces. Facial hair is not something any women enjoy; in fact, women are always in search of some methods that can help in getting rid of this facial hair in the most hassle-free way. There are so many ways, including both natural and artificial, that can help in getting rid of facial hair. But we may tell you, natural methods are always the safest ones but mind you they may not produce the best results out of the whole range of methods. There are some quick and easy ways that can help in getting rid of facial hair in the most effective, quickest, and reliable way. These all are tried and tested methods and procedures, which you can decide for yourself, depending on what will suit your skin.

We have rounded up a list of top 5 methods that can help you to get rid of your facial hair.


The most trusted way of getting rid of unwanted hair has always been waxing. It is undoubtedly one of the most effective and quickest ways of getting hair removed from your face. The wax is usually distributed evenly on your face covering a large area so that things can be done more efficiently. It may cause some discomfort but won’t be too painful. You can get it done either by a professional in a salon or you can do it yourself at the convenience of your home. Just be careful of what wax you are using and always do a patch test on your skin to see if your skin is going to react adversely, especially if you have sensitive skin. You can use a soft wax that is formulated for face only.

While applying the wax, be sure you are doing it in the direction of hair growth and pull the wax in the opposite direction while holding the skin taut. It can last you for about 5-6 weeks before you will need to get it done again.


Threading is one of the most popular hair removal methods that has been in practice for decades. It is relatively less painful but can cause a bit of discomfort due to hair tugging. This technique is performed using a cotton thread which is rolled, twisted, and moved over the targeted areas. In threading, your hair is pulled out from the roots, giving you a long-lasting result. Besides being super quick and doable, threading is also the most sanitary hair removal method that doesn’t involve any chemical. It can last you for about 3-6 weeks.


Another way of getting rid of unwanted facial hair is by plucking your hair using tweezers. Once the hair shaft is long enough to be pulled out, you can pluck it using a tweezer. Much like threading, it also removes your hair from the roots. However, contrary to threading, it may be a little tedious process depending on the hair growth as the hair is plucked one at a time. It may cause mild discomfort, but the pain would be tolerable. The results can last you for a minimum of 3 weeks.

Depilatory creams

Depilatory creams have certain chemicals in them that help in dissolving the unwanted hair. This hair removal process is much easier and doesn’t require any kind of assistance as such. Even though the process is relatively easier and doable, the hair isn’t removed from the roots, but broken off at the skin surface, meaning, your hair will grow much quicker than any of the other methods. The hair usually can appear between two to three days, so it’s up to you if you still want to go ahead with this method of hair removal.


Shaving is the most debated hair removal method, as many people believe that shaving your facial hair can cause them to grow back thicker than their usual form. Well, that is absolutely not true as long as you are using the right razor and doing things the right way. It’s just that your hair will start feeling stubbly, and that’s because of the blunt edges of the shaved hair. Coming to shaving’s benefits, it is hands down the easiest and fastest way of removing your hair. So when in haste, you can rely on this hair removal method. The results can last you for about 1-3 days. Much like depilatory creams; your hair is broken off at the skin surface.