5 Easy And Quick Hairstyles For Zoom Calls

Looking for super-quick and easy hairstyles for your next zoom call? Well, then we’ve compiled for you 5 easy and quick hairstyles that will help you look presentable in all your vital Zoom meetings.
With the sudden outbreak of the virus, we all our confined at our home and our workspace is bounded to our home, and probably the way of communication and attend conferences are through Zoom calls.
While we look for what to wear, hair styling is also a difficult task. Look down for 5 quick and easy hairstyles that will help you slay your professional Zoom meetings.

A Low Bun

Have greasy hair and no time to wash your hair? Well, then a low knot bun is a quick way to make your hair goals strong even when the tresses are super oily.
A low knot bun easily hides all your greasiness and makes you appear much more confident. Grab a few bobby pins and a hair spray and this is what you’ll need. If you want to make the bun into a messy one you can totally skip a hair spray.
Grab all your hair and tie in a loose bun on either side or at the center. If you say tiny hair coming out, use bobby pins or just spritz a hair spray.
Rope Twisted Braid
One of the easiest braid hairstyles that you can achieve within a few seconds is the rope twisted braid. It looks classy and makes you appear a bit polished. All you have to do is-
• Brush your hair and tie into a high ponytail.
• Make two sections out of the ponytail.
• Now, twist each section in the clockwise direction.
• Link both the twisted sections together in an anti-clockwise direction
• Secure with a rubber band and you’re done.

Half Up Half Down

One of the most flexible and magical hairstyles is half up and half down. It’s just apt for the current situation when you’re half professional and half not and similarly it shows you wanted to do a ponytail but you didn’t, confused? Well, the steps are super easy to understand.
Comb your hair and remove all the tangles
Now, grab a section from the crown area and tie in a bay bun
You don’t need to be an expert while doing this; a little bit messy bun will also work.
Leave the hair like this and you’re done
If you have some time you can also curl the hair

Inside Out Ponytail

Let’s give an easy and quick twist to the usual ponytail style. It’s easy and looks classy. Want to know how to achieve this, read the steps.
• Make a low style ponytail and secure with a loose elastic band.
• Now with the help of your fingers make a hole above the hairband.
• Pass the ponytail through the hole and adjust if you want.
• You can use hair spray if you see tiny hair coming out. And, you’re done.
Wasn’t that super easy?

High Ponytail

High ponytail style is our all-time favorite and when we’re short of hair ideas this one is what the majority of us do, right?
High ponytail gives a sleek and polished look and fits well to the thought of attending a professional Zoom meeting.
• Grab your hair and brush out all the tangles.
• From the crown area section your hair into two.
• Secure the lower section with the help of a hairband that will give length to your ponytail.
• Secure the upper section covering the lower section.
• And, you’re done.