5 Hair myths that are anything but true

Whether or not you have asked for a piece of advice, you will receive many unsolicited pieces of advice concerning your hair and skin. While some tips and advice actually work, many of them are nothing but simply some myths that need to be busted right away. Given the number of advice and tips we receive on how to take care of our hair the right way, it can get a bit confusing when it comes to building a perfect hair care routine. One should be smart enough to make a difference between facts and myths, while you will never really go wrong with facts, myths, on the other hand, can cause irreparable damage to your locks, hence it’s best to not pay heed to all the advice you receive from other when it concerns your hair.

There are so many myths surrounding our hair, and not everything you hear is true. To make things easier for you, we have jotted down a list of some hair myths you need to stop believing in already.


Shampooing your hair frequently damages your mane

This one’s a never-ending debate. Whether or not to shampoo your hair frequently still remains a question. But if you ask for our personal opinion, it is both true and false. People with an active lifestyle and a naturally oily scalp should cleanse their hair on an everyday basis in order to get rid of oil and sweat accumulated on the scalp. Whereas, people with dry scalps should stick to washing their hair just twice or thrice a week.


Plucking one strand of gray hair will lead to more grays

Noticing the first strand of gray hair can be a bit hard to digest, while every person’s first instinct is to pluck that gray hair, most people refrain from doing as it is believed that it will result in more grays. This is nothing but a myth which you should have stopped believing yesterday. But it doesn’t mean you should pluck your gray hair, it won’t result in more grays, but it will definitely lead to scarring and thinning.


Dry shampoo results in hair fall

Ever since we have been introduced to dry shampoo, we cannot stop raving about this product. It is literally a god-sent product that can come to your rescue on multiple occasions. This product is especially a blessing for those who have oily scalp or hair. One can use it in between washes to remove excess oil and grime from the scalp. But it is believed that dry shampoo causes hair fall, which is so untrue. Most dry shampoos are formulated with ingredients like starch, powder, and talc that can be washed off so easily. However, one should apply it from a distance to avoid product build-up.


No lathering means less effective shampoo

It is one of the weirdest and stupidest myths we have come across. The effectiveness of any product shouldn’t be judged on its ability to lather. Just because your shampoo doesn’t lather, it doesn’t mean the product is less effective. Products that lather are known to contain sulfates, which can be damaging for your hair. If your product doesn’t lather, it probably means that it doesn’t contain sulfates, which is actually a good thing.


Air-drying is safer than blow-drying

This might be a bit too shocking to learn, but yes, air-drying can also be quite damaging to your hair, and the damage is usually caused within the hair strands. Allowing the water to sit on your hair for a longer duration can cause it to swell up, thereby leading to damage. And when it comes to blow-drying, using your blow-dryer on a low heat setting and from a distance will cause zero to minimal damage to your locks.