5 Healthy Hair Habits Everyone Should Follow

Despite following regular hair care still, you’re facing hair thinning and breakage it’s time to change the things a bit. For a healthy crown, you need to follow good habits. The hair care habits practiced by you affect the texture, growth, and quality of your hair.
If you’re wondering what healthy habits we’re talking about well then we have scooped out 5 healthy habits you should include in your hair care if you really want to achieve your hair goals. But, before we begin to discover the habits it’s important you regularly follow these habits to see results.
So, without further ado let’s jump into the 5 healthy habits.

Rinse Your Hair In Cold Water

You should always rinse your hair in cold water. Cold water is known to add shine, bounce, and luster to your hair. And not only that, but cold water rinse also helps in getting rid of frizzy and unmanageable hair. So, always prefer cold water hair rinse over hot water hair rinse. If you’re washing your hair in hot water you’re following a bad habit that will damage the texture of your hair and will also lead to hair breakage. So, make sure whenever you wash your hair the water should be cold.

Less Use Of Heat Styling Tools

One of the worst things that damage the texture of our hair is using various heat styling tools. We know that you love to experiment with your hair sometimes trying out curly hair and sometimes straightening them down but all of this constant use of styling tools is causing irreversible damage to your hair. The heat weakens the roots of your hair and hence the hair strands fall. So, avoid using heat styling tools as much as possible and embrace your natural hair.

Don’t Skip Conditioner

Even if you have oily hair never skip conditioning your hair. It’s equally important as cleansing your hair. Conditioner helps to lock in the moisture to your hair and thus adds shine and luster to the hair locks. If you have super frizzy hair we have an amazing tip for you take a sufficient amount of conditioner and add two drops of hair serum into it; apply it to your hair ends and leave for about 5 minutes. You’ll feel your hair much more soft and manageable.
Make sure you always work with the conditioner on the ends only and not apply it to the scalp.

Use Hair Supplements

Well, not most of us incorporate this step into our hair care routine but believe us adding this step will do wonders in the quality of your tresses. Only a minimum amount of nutrients go to your scalp that you consume and the amount is not sufficient. Thus, by daily consuming hair supplements you provide the scalp the good amount of nutrients needed.
Hair supplements are proven to be very helpful without any side-effect still; if you want you can take advice from your physician before consuming.

Protect Your Hair From Sun

As it is important to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun so it is important to protect your tresses. The sun rays can damage the texture of your hair making it dry and less shiny. The rays also make your hair strands brittle. So, always wrap your hair in a scarf or invest in a hat so that you can use it to protect your hair whenever you’re out in the sun.
Another tip would be whenever you swim always wear caps to protect your hair from the chlorinated water as it also adversely affect the hair quality.