5 Thumb Rules for a naturally healthy skin

Craving healthy skin is natural but working religiously for it is another thing. The latter part is difficult no matter how much you try. But with a little patience and hard work, you can inculcate this habit in your lifestyle. There are some defined thumb rules that are a must for every skin. Adding them to your lifestyle will be a game-changer for you, we bet. With these rules, you will have a healthier lifestyle and a much more radiant skin as a result. Read on and apply them to your routine right away!

Thumb rule 1: Always remove makeup before sleeping

This one is a known fact and everybody agrees to it. But does everyone follow it religiously? Guess not! And that is the reason why we have a good hand in wrecking our skin. The thing is that no matter how glamorous this whole makeup process makes you look, it can also damage your skin to another level. Applying makeup is a good thing but sleeping with it is definitely a don’t! When you inculcate such a habit in your lifestyle, it damages your skin slowly bt clogging the pores. This further leads to blackheads and the skin starts to look dull with time. So no matter how tired you are, never hit the sheets with makeup on. Keep your wipes handy and clean face before sleeping every time.

Thumb rule 2: Sun can be your best friend

So the deal is that all of us want healthy and fresh skin but none of us are willing to work hard for it. We might indulge in some good habits for some time but eventually switch back to the old lifeless routine. The speculation around sunscreen is that it is supposed to be used in summers alone because the sun is right over our heads- harsh and bright. It can cause tanning and sunburns. But the truth in the matter is that no matter what season it is, sunscreen has to be applied as a golden rule. This is because the deal around sunscreen is to protect the skin from the sun and build a shield. This shield protects the skin from every possible impurity, dust, and dirt. So, this way the sun can be your best friend if you use sunscreen every time you step out.

Thumb rule 3: Fill your plate with healthy items

Whatever you eat, reflects on your skin. This is because everything that goes into your body has a reflection on your face. Eating and drinking healthy is foremost so always keep a note of what you place on your plate. We won’t say that you should skip eating junk food but make sure you maintain a balance in whatever you eat. Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your plate and make sure you consume greens a lot. They have the protein and vitamins that your body needs. This keeps the skin radiant and also makes sure that your skin is healthy from the inside too. Vitamins and proteins must be consumed in sufficient quantity and you will see the results yourself.

Thumb rule 4: The 8-hour sleep routine

This one is a definite rule for each one us out there. Sleep-deprived people can be spotted from a distance because of obvious reasons. They have baggy eyes and dark circles which in turn makes the entire face look dull. If you do not take a good 8-hour sleep then chances are that you will have a very unhealthy skin eventually. Everybody needs rest and relaxation. It is imperative to relax your mind, body, eyes as well as the skin. You must shut your eyes at night the right time and get up early in the morning. This will give your skin a good time to relax and make it supple and soft.

Thumb rule 5: Water is the solution to everything

The power of water is arguably unmatched. Drinking lots of water has always been recommended but not all of us follow this rule religiously. This is because most of the time we are either not thirsty or maybe we just don’t find it that comfortable to drink so much water. The trick is to keep a bottle or a glass of water handy with you. Either keep it on your side table or your work desk or in your bag. This way you will always remember to drink water at regular intervals. There is no need to drink water in one go, give it time and then eventually you will develop this habit as well.