5 Unique styles of weaving the perfect Dutch Braid

Skip the regular braids and try to curate new and interesting hairstyles for the stylist in you. Since a Dutch braid has created all the rage in fashion, you should learn different styles in it and also, how to weave them perfectly. Here is how-

The Regular Dutch Braid

The art of constructing a Dutch braid is something unique and if you are looking for a unique look for yourself, then this look does every possible justice to it. A regular Dutch braid is the most happening thing every curated in hairstyles for the sole reason that it has charm as well as uniqueness to it. A regular dutch braid is nothing but a french braid that has been turned inside out. While curating a french braid, you pick sections from each side and hug the head. There is clear visibility of thin strands that look extremely flattering.

  • But for a dutch braid, all you have to do is braid the hair strands under each other while crossing. This way the braid stands out from the head rather than hugging it. Each time you cross, you go under and thus, curate the perfect dutch braid for yourself.

A Mix of Dutch & Fishtail

A dutch fishtail braid is one of the most gorgeous braid styles ever. If you are hunting for something that will add to the charm and enhance your feminity even more, then this combination of a dutch fishtail braid will be your perfect choice.

  • For curating this one the perfect way, pick your hair and divide them into two sections. Begin weaving a regular fishtail braid bypassing one section under the other because you want to curate a dutch braid. So, do not go over, go under!
  • Then keep on adding hair to this braid as you weave it till the end. Once you are done till the neck, tie an elastic band and continue weaving a regular fishtail braid till the end with sections going over. Pick thin strands and this will make your braid look like a combination of dutch as well as a fishtail.

Multiple Dutch Braids

As the name suggests, this one is not just one dutch braid. It is more than one and that too at one point in time. This is literally one of the best braid styles ever because it makes you look absolutely chic. This braid calls for a lot of effort because you need to weave multiple dutch braids on your head but it is also a fun thing to do.

  • For this multiple dutch braid style, firstly divide your hair into five neat sections from front to back and then section them separately so that there are no tangles.
  • Then pick the first section of your hair and start weaving a regular Dutch braid from the front and add hair from either side under the braid. This braid should be tight enough so that it sticks to the head and doesn’t lose its place.
  • Do this for all the subsequent sections and you are done creating a multiple dutch braid style for yourself.

Dutch Top-knot

A dutch braid on the top of your head just like you start a french braid is one of the coolest styles ever. It makes you look chic and stylish because there is an extremely cool vibe to it. The way it starts from the top of your head has literally no match otherwise.

  • Firstly, pick a little section of your hair from the top of your head. Don’t go on till the crown area. Start prior to the hairline and detangle it properly first.
  • Then start weaving a Dutch braid from the hairline and keep on adding hair as you go further. Leave your side hair falling and do not include them in this top-knot style.
  • This top knot dutch braid will look like a fancy puff with thin strands of hair clubbed together to form a gorgeous looking style. Let lose the rest of the hair or tie them in a ponytail for a refined look. Flaunt this one for your workplace or a casual outing.

Dutch Halo braid

A dutch halo is basically a fancy updo that is created using a dutch braid. The art of weaving this one is absolutely stunning because it accentuates the neckline and makes you look taller probably because of the updo. If you ace this one, there is nothing like it. It will become your go-to look for every formal outing or a fancy event.

  • The first thing you got to do is section your hair horizontally from ear to ear. Then starting from the left side, begin weaving a dutch braid and follow the curve of your hairline. This will take the braid horizontally towards the right ear.
  • When you reach the right ear, curve the braid and similarly weave the lower half of the braid along the neck.
  • Now, this must be looking like a round shape so you should simply pin the ends of these two braids and thus, this is your halo dutch braid. within the halo braid.