5 Unusual Handbag Materials That are Too Fashionable

If you are bored looking at the same handbag stuff, again and again, you have landed at the right place. Leather has been with us for quite a long time, in fact, a very very long time in the fashion world and there is hardly a match for its luster. But with rising concern for animal protection, people are switching to unusual and ethnic materials for their bags. Let us together go through those and explore their practicality and variety.

1. Jute

Jute-weaved bags have been in use for centuries but they yearn to be brought into the fashion world constructively and make it the affluence it deserves. Advantages of jute – strong, lightweight, comes in a variety of colors, can be dyed, and has a huge weave scope. You can take them to beaches, picnics, trips, shopping, etc. They fit in with every outfit easily. If you are one green panther, congrats because jute bags will savor your vision as they are environment-friendly too! This material may feel rough or harsh.
2. Straw

The straw bag is the sturdier version of the jute bag and has a much more comfortable finish. They can be woven into a huge panorama of designs and are built strong. They are best for sunny days. Straws can be crafted into a plethora of designs. The spaces a weave can bring up a clean and sharp look. They can be embellished lavishly with leather or wooden accessories if you’d like to. The loosely sewn straw bags make for comfy shopping bags as they are very lightweight.
3. Cellulose

Cellulose bags are plant-based. They are soft to the touch and become a great alternative for their leather counterpart. They carry a subdued shine as well and should not be mistaken for dull. They can make simple as well as quirky accessories because they are as versatile as leather. Going for a walk, lunch, or meeting, cellulose has got your back. It is tailored to gratify every need and greed. The handbag industry has only recently dived into plant-based leather production.
4. Raffia

Raffia/raphia bags are flexible and durable. They are long-lasting handbags and much denser than straw and jute so there is also great scope for embroidery. Raffia bags have a promising fusion capacity meaning they can be combined variedly with many other cloth materials as well for making packed handbags. They have recently come into vogue through high-end fashion showcases and look very intriguing with brighter color options. The problem some customers may face with these is its inability to maintain its structure sometimes. They settle seamlessly with the winter wardrobe too.
5. Nylon (Polyamide)

Entered luxe fashion some time ago, nylon hardly donnes wear and tear and doesn’t easily get damaged. Isn’t that great? Nylon fiber is known for its strength. So, they can take good care of your fashion quotient even when you are hiking, biking, surfing, or running a marathon. It is just made like that. It is dynamically lined and appears shiny like leather. There are quilted nylon bags also available that are soft to the touch and can be taken outside when running errands or simply going for a date.

These options are more eco-friendly, easy to wash and maintain, and lightweight. There are many options in a variety of colors that will suit your fashionable vision and at the same time echo well with your wardrobe. So, if you are looking for a change, pick any of these and add fun to your style!