5 Ways You Can Use Your Hair Extensions To Change Your Hair Game

If you have hair extensions or tempted to try out, this article will help you let know the different ways to use hair extensions to transform your hair.
Whether you’re looking to add volume, length, color, and thickness you can use a single set of hair extensions in different ways. The majority of women don’t know how much change they can bring to their hair if they use the extensions in the right way.
Do try out using extensions in these 5 ways and transform your hair each day. So, let’s get started!

To Add Volume


Who all doesn’t want to add volume to their hair? If you want to use the hair extensions to add volume to your hair, this is the best way to clip-in your hair extensions for those extra voluminous tresses.
Follow these tips when using hair extensions for volume.
If you want to add volume to your hair always clip-in the middle piece of the set, say to be 4 or 3 clip piece slightly below the crown area or above the ear.
And, there should be a gap between two pieces of hair extensions as it will add layers to your hair and the more layers are there in the hair the more voluminous the hair will look.

To Add Length

The majority of us use hair extensions to add length and adding hair extensions is the instant way to increase the length of your hair. If you want to add length to your hair, follow these tips while clipping the hair extensions onto your hair.
Always clip-in the hair extensions below the ear. Use the 3 and 4 clip piece below the ear area to add great length to the hair.
Make sure you use the hair extensions one over the other avoiding any gap if you want to add length.

To Add Color

If you love colored hair but don’t want to color your natural hair, the best is to use colored hair extensions. We believe this is the best way to have the colored effect onto the hair without damaging the hair.
If you pick the best color and know the right way to clip-in, you can fake the colored effect naturally.
Don’t go way too light, for instance, if you have black hair, don’t go for blonde shade while picking up the hair extensions. For that natural effect, the rule is to go for two or three shades lighter or darker.
Section your hair evenly when using for adding color. Don’t forget to style your hair, so that the natural shade of your hair blends seamlessly with the colored extensions.

Thick Braid

If you love braiding your hair but don’t have much hair, hair extensions can be used for the braids too. For the braid, clip the hair extensions like you do while adding length.
Clip the extensions below the ear area or around the ear, and then tie your hair into a nice braided style. You will instantly get a thick braid that you wanted to get for so long.
You can braid your hair easily while using hair extensions so don’t worry about hair extensions coming out.


Like you do braids, you can also use hair extensions to get a thick and voluminous ponytail and for that, you don’t have to use a ponytail extension. Just clip the extensions and tie your hair in a low or high ponytail whatever you like.

We hope you like the 5 ways to use hair extensions. And, you will surely try these out with your extensions!