Quick Ways to Get Your Hair Colored!



Do you not have time to get a quirky hair look? Are you looking for ways to get your hair colored to look sassy as ever? We have your back! We understand that not everybody is comfortable with getting their hair done with chemical coloring products that have a long-lasting impact. Neither does everyone feel right to commit to a hair color different from their original streaks. It can be hard but one can surely wish for bling, can’t they?

So here we are discussing some quick and short-lasting ways that can add color to your hair quickly without you having to go through a chemical procedure.


  1. Hair Color Spray

Hair color sprays are great to use on every hair type. It offers a wholesome approach to covering strands of your hair without looking extravagant and heavy. Sprays have a better coverage capacity and mix well with your hair color. The only thing you have to make sure of is to have an efficient spray that doesn’t clump colors in one spot and fairly brushes the colors along the streaks. You would need to cover the parts you don’t want to be colored.

Hair Color Spray

  1. Instant Hair Color Creams

Instant color creams are pretty nice and come in a wide variety of ranges. Using just a tiny bit of these creams and rubbing them on your mane will give you a smart sassy look that helps you get the edge you want. With a focused approach, you will know easily which parts of your hair you wish to target and you can play with your hair smartly. They have a better coverage capacity too. They can be used on global hair colors.

Instant Hair Color Creams

  1. Colored Hair Streak Extensions

Hair extensions are fun! They come in a wide range of colors and can be added without any work. They have a clip-on at their tops that assists the wearer with easy sticking to their hair. These extensions come in different hair volumes so that you can decide how much of one color you want in your hair and how many colors you can add wholly. It is smart and mess-free. You won’t even have to wash your hair afterward. Take these out and call it a day.

Colored Hair Streak Extensions

  1. Box / Sachet Hair Dye

Hair dyes have been around since the beginning and so have natural ones. These are quick with some lasting effects that wither over time (a few days or so). It can a little time but is more natural looking on your strands. Sachet hair dyes have one-time usability because the quantity is done within one go. They have great delivery of color and are easy to use with an intended brush.

Box / Sachet Hair Dye

  1. Hair Color Chalks

Remember those chalky grainy sticks that promised us to deliver great playful colors into our hair? They are still an option if you couldn’t get hold of the other two in time. Nowadays these chalks have become easier to use. They come in form of combs or they have holders attached to them so you don’t dirty your hands. These would also include the sketching pen that sticks some color to the hair. If you are a brunette, prefer other options.

Hair Color Chalks

So these were some of the fun ways of adding hints of quirky color to your hair. These can help you get your perfect hair look in no time and without having to put your hair through a chemical hair coloring danger. It will take less time and less commitment. It will cost you nothing like a typical salon session does. Plus, you will be able to enhance your hair look all by yourself. Minimum efforts and maximum results! Try these quick ways of adding color to your precious hair!