Useful Tips to Add Life to Dirty Hair

Useful Tips to Add Life to Dirty Hair


Hair problems are diverse and we all have struggled at some point in our lives with hair problems. They are adapted to bringing in more concerns when the season shifts even a bit. But our hair does need its gracious caress every once in a while to make it shine whenever we want them to. But there are times when it doesn’t look its best and it creates troubles especially when one has to be somewhere. Dirty hair often makes for a bad hairdo and we don’t want that! So here are some tips you can use to make your hair look lively again when it is dirty or unwashed.


  1. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo has been brought to the rescue many times and thus it finds its mentions now and then. Although a healthy approach discards its use, the instant help it provides can not be ignored. Just spray the shampoo on the scalp and alternately rub the product on the scalp until the grease is gone but don’t go too hard on your hair. Gently brush your hair in the direction opposite of the hairdo you want to go for.

Dry Shampoo

  1. Brushing Techniques

Simply brushing your hair right will also make it look more lively than retarded. Start by combing your hair thoroughly in steps. Let the tangle of your hair be dealt with first. Thereafter, turn your hair upside down and brush it from the back of your head to the hanging ends of your strands. This will give your hair more volume. Do not oil your hair yet. Pull your hair dryer and give it a blow while the hair is down.

Brushing Techniques

  1. Blotting and Moisturizing

There are many ways to blot your hair or take the grease off your hair. You can easily put facial tissues to use or switch on your hair dryer facing the roots of your hair. This will lift the roots and make the slopping hair look fresh again. You can do so by making sections of your hair and targeting them individually so the roots dry up quickly and lift. Thereafter a hair serum would settle the fly hairs.

At the same time, one has to get some moisture kicking on the end of the hair strands because that goes away with heat exposure and absorption through clothes. You should use a lightweight serum but do it very carefully as it can weigh down your already dirty hair. Chill, you just got to wake those strands up!


  1. Styling With Sprays

Styling your hair aggressively has to be the last you should opt for to keep up with the health of your hair. You can only proceed with this tip if you have time on you. Still, go on if you like because if you have time, prefer washing your hair! Or simply get the hair sprays that add shine to hair locks with easy application and sometimes provide a hint of lift when rubbed on the desired area of the scalp.

Styling With Sprays

Putting some life back into your hair comes through the right amount of moisturization as you read. It is like you have to take the grease off your scalp and put it on your dried-out strands to help the hair look uplifted. One can try a dry shampoo that suits the color of the hair strands to brush off the excess oil on the scalp and then style the hair conveniently. Thereafter you can put some hair spray to work so the desired effect comes through. It is always better to wash your hair timely and regularly but if you haven’t, then through these tips, you can sort your hair to look better instantly when you have to step out and look presentable enough.