Ways to Straighten Hair Easily and Quickly

Ways to Straighten Hair Easily and Quickly

The mane is our well-loved part of the body that depends on the fact that we take care of it fully. But you can be a fan of a different hair texture for a short period of time when there is an outing plan coming up. We have all been through that stage where we became attracted to straight hair. But one doesn’t always have to get keratin done or get permanent straightening chemicals put on our hair strands every now and then. You can have some straight finish if you are good to go with at-home methods.

Try these ways to help straighten your hair easily and quickly


  1. Hair Straightener Tool

A hair straightener is a handy tool to get straight hair whenever we want. Plus, the straightening tool can work on any hair type you have. A high-intensity hair straightener can certainly make things easier for you if you have very curly hair. Hair straightening tools are also available in different price ranges beginning from travel-friendly to professional grade/purpose. It stands as the most popular way of getting straightened hair at home. Some now come with a comb built onto them with makes it even quicker and more efficient.

Steam straighteners have been around only for some time. Although they come a bit expensive, you can easily use it in your hair without the direct heat that our hair usually gets from hair straighteners.

Hair Straightener Tool

  1. Towel Dry and Comb Your Hair Straight

If you have wavy hair or something in the middle of wavy and straight, this can help you have a straighter hair texture that is very workable and can be further adjusted to your requirement. If you are going for another step, this will make it easier for you to have an all-rounded approach. When you are done washing your hair, warp around the towel in a straight fashion. Don’t twist or curl unnecessarily. Thereafter, open your hair and keep the hair straight turned upside down with the dryer blowing downwards. Keeping combing your hair straight while the blower is on.

Towel Dry and Comb Your Hair Straight

  1. Steam Iron

Your dear friend and savior can be used in many ways apart from pressing your clothes to make them look neat and crisp. We often used them for warming food, for drying up clothes fast, among other things. You know the same steam iron can be used for straightening your hair. When you are adamant about getting the right hair, this works too! Just be sure of the setting or it will be evaporated in no time.

Steam Iron

  1. Big Hair Curlers

We have shampoos and masks available in the market that improve the texture of our hair over time. With these, the hair will become less coarse and more moisturized. Only after that can the hair be done in the desired style. Thereafter you can take help from broader heatless hair curlers while your hair is still damp. This works for people who have denser curls in their hair. Although you would still have 1-2 curls in your strands your tighter curls will go away. Warp your hair around the curler tight.

Big Hair Curlers

Basing your hair texture change on an expensive salon session pinches many of us. That too when we only want to enjoy straight hair for some time. Whenever you are going out to have some fun and decide on straight hair, do not worry about getting a salon appointment. Become your own hairdresser and suit your style in these ways. They are convenient and pocket friendly (okay, the steam hair straightener could be steep!). We would like to say finally that always love your natural hair texture and give it enough love so it stays healthy!