Ways to Have Great Hair During Fall-Winter Season

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The ingredient to great hair begins at home. What you do to your hair right before the cold days haunt you is important as the health of your hair will be dictated by your steps for the rest of the season, smart or worse. Keeping this in mind, here are some useful haircare tips that you can use for your hair to ensure healthy-looking locks every time you wash your hair in the winter season. With these steps, you will get a better idea of what you should do and what you shouldn’t when the fall or winter season is approaching.


  1. Lukewarm Not Hot

Hot water is a big no for hair. It makes your hair texture bad and also makes your hair super dry. On top of that, your scalp becomes more vulnerable to the infamous dandruff problem because of the scalp drying out. So one has to use some lukewarm water, no matter what the weather dictates. It is vital for the overall health of the hair. If you torture it with extreme temperatures, the texture is worsened.

Lukewarm Not Hot

  1. Hair Masking

Hair masking helps a lot in colder months. This is the time when you are most likely to develop a dry scalp and dry hair strands. In this case, providing extra care to your hair strands only brings positive results. This way your hair will be able to get more moisturization just as the skin gets through extra topical moisturizer. Buy yourself a good quality hair mask to throw some on your hair every now and then and leave the same on for 15 minutes.

Hair Masking

  1. Humidifier

A humidifier acts as a lifesaver when the weather gets cold. People often experience extreme drying out of their skin and nostrils, and suffocation because winds don’t blow as much. For this very purpose, a humidifier can help supply some moisture into the air of the room you live and work in. This is especially helpful for those with breathing issues. Hair feels more robust with moisture.


  1. Steam

Steam can be a great help for skin and hair if done in the right amount and frequency. You may like to combine some hair masks here for deeper penetration of the product because people might feel cold while the mask sits on the crown of the head. Here you just need a steam generator that slowly blows out some steam so that it touched your scalp fully. Cover over with a  towel so the steam doesn’t escape.


  1. Oil Treatment

If you are struggling with extreme dryness of your hair strands and don’t know what to do, you can opt for hot oil treatments in salons that specialize in the procedure. In this process, hot oil will be applied onto the scalp and massaged until absorption. The hair strands will begin to shine after a few sessions as the moisturization from the oils finally begin to take effect.

Oil Treatment


Also, it is not advisable that you let your wet hair stay open when you step outside. One, you are very likely to get sick, and secondly, the wet hair will dry out bitterly in the cold weather temperature which will result in brittle hair eventually.

The cold season brings with it a whole new set of problems related to hair and scalp health. We tend to shed more dead cells and that reflects in dandruff. The hair needs to be washed routinely no matter how cold it is outside because the scalp health matters to the hair locks. Washing the hair strands with water too hot would damage the strands in more ways than you think. The hair is already compromising on the moisture quotient. Be thoughtful of your haircare needs and you will sparkle no matter how cold it gets!