Straight Hairstyles to Fancy at Parties

Straight Hairstyles to Fancy at Parties


Parties are all about some form of bedazzlement because your style speaks for its voluminous impact and if not, you are probably scoring badly on that impact quotient. What is worse than not making a mark? What could be better if you didn’t make a presence, well, present enough? This is why hairstyles play such an important role in bringing out your true flare and fire and if you focus well enough, you can dazzle can no one else. Besides, you would love to go back from the party with so many of your great clicks.

Watch out for these straight hairstyles to fancy at a party!


  1. Side-Parted Straight Bob

This hairstyle is quite low maintenance but delivers major impact effortlessly. You would need a straight bob haircut for this one. The hair is side-parted and the rest of the side is uplifted with the right brushing style so the lesser side is flattened in comparison to the other side. With this goes some creative and sparkly metallic ear pieces and hair/head accessories right above the ear with a lesser side of the hair parting.

Side-Parted Straight Bob

  1. Long-Layered

If you have naturally voluminous hair, you shouldn’t have any donning this one. Nothing much to do here since it is a classic hairdo. Get your hair cut straight in the desired length and then start doing some layers in the front ends of the hair, slowly gliding towards the maximum length of the hair. This is a stylized version of a full-length head hair growth. Some wilderness goes right away at the bottom of your hair.


  1. Sleek Swept-Back with Layers

This hairstyle would need you to have significant layering done to form a thin V-shape upon styling. The hair is to be middle-parted and hence the V-shape at the back is formed. The hair has to be brushed smoothly to be tucked behind the ears equally. The hair remains straight throughout. Fancy some earrings? So for smaller studs with heavy engravings, preferably. The detail should be in your accessories because the rest of the look remains very poised.

Sleek Swept-Back with Layers

  1. Middle-Parted Swept-Back with Retro Waves

A lot of work would go into this hairstyle. Silken up your hair strands fully first. Then proceed with some front layers and lay the rest of the hair in a straight fashion. Part your hair from the middle and begin to curl your ends in retro-style waves (one with irregular flare). Remember the hair on the front keeps in a sleek, perfectly tucked behind the ears.

Middle-Parted Swept-Back with Retro Waves

  1. Middle-Parted Bob with Layers

Let your hairdresser know that you would like much layering work to be done in the front so the layers curve inwards. The curves have to shape the face bringing much focus to your jawline. Start the layers from the chin and keep the hair length around your shoulder. The look would be shreddy but it would be a highly fashionable pick and works gracefully for office parties. Go for a little side part and make sure the fringes cover some of your faces.

Middle-Parted Bob with Layers

So, we are now clear with ideas for parties with straighter hairstyles in focus. Rest, you will have to think about what accessories would go the best with your overall look. Usually, the straighter hairstyles are easy to manage in places you are not meeting wind. They are sleek and look smooth enough to glide on your skin silkily. Plus, straight hair practically looks great with everything, there is less chance that things might go wrong. So, soak up these ideas, and moisturize those hair strands well enough so the result comes out amazing as ever.