Best Hairstyles for Toddlers

Best Hairstyles for Toddlers

Sitting the toddlers is no easy task. There are tons of things you need to take care of. As they have recently learned going from one place to another, things can get messy. Plus, they need to constantly get ridden off random things that they are often attracted to eat. Toddlers get their clothes dirty too. Hygiene becomes a concern for new moms. Amidst this, one needs to follow best practices to take care of the baby’s health, and tidying up is one great way.

Making the hair of a toddler is a task in itself because they hardly settle down. For this, you will need to know some hairstyles that you would want for your toddler that are easy and quick. Here is the list, check it out!


  1. High Pony

Length – short to short-medium

High ponies will look the best on toddlers with short-length hair. They are more manageable when hair is shorter. They are super cute and accentuate the curves of the baby’s face in multiple folds. This way, the kids wouldn’t be troubled again and again by hair coming to their foreheads. Comb the front hair backward and the back hair up to the top of the hair and collect the hair in one hand. Tie it with your favorite accessory.

Accessories – Pearl hair ties, ribbon hair ties, scrunchies, and spring hair ties.

High Pony

  1. Side Ponies

Length – short to short-medium

Side ponies are the go-to hairstyles of many, including toddlers and teens. They are cute hairstyles and are often associated with young and bright faces. You can add braids on both sides too if you have time and the toddler is cooperating well. Part of the hair from the middle extends to the back of the head. Now comb the hair on one side and collect it right above the ear with a hair tie.

Accessories – rubber hair ties, fancy hair clips, and hair beads.

Side Ponies

  1. Side Plaits

Length – medium to long hair

Plait is a great way to protect your toddler’s hair who, like any other toddler, would make a lot of mess throughout the day. Part the hair from the forehead to the back of the head. Collect hair right above the ear. Divide the hair on one side into three strands and begin to plait. Lock the plait with a hair tie. Repeat on the other side too.

Accessories – Hair clips, cloth hair bands, and hair ties.

Side Plaits

  1. Side-swept Low Plait

Length – medium to long hair

Quite girly and simple, you start by combing the toddler’s hair gently first. Then proceed to make a side part on the left or right side of the scalp. Comb back the two sections so formed and then begin to collect hair at the back of the head. Here, you will plait the rest of the hair. A lovely hairstyle indeed!

Accessories – hair clips, hair bands, hair ties.

Side-swept Low Plait

  1. Half-hair up

Length – short-medium to medium hair

For this, you have to make sure that the hair is not too long. First, because it will get tangled within a few hours and second, it will take some more time to get it right. Part hair from ear to ear and tie the upper portion with a hair tie or clips. Leave the hair below open. You can also include some braiding on the front before making the hair.

Accessories – ribbon hair clips and hair beads.

Half-hair up


These were some of the pretty-looking hairstyles that you can make when your toddler is ready to make his big steps. As they are becoming more expressive than before, they might even begin to take interest in what you do with their hair and show some excitement.

These hairdos are not only pretty but also fun to look at. The suggested ones keep the hair protected and ruled out to not give any hindrances while the child is playing. You know they can be quite mischievous at times!