Hair Washing Tips That Will Come in Handy Always

Giving Time and Being Timely


We all at some point have struggled with hair fall. Many of us found solutions to the problem and plenty of us didn’t. Sadly, there is no one way of getting this concern back on track and we end up relying on not one or two but a myriad of methods to get things right.

But there is one most certain way of taking care of your hair: washing the hair locks the right way. This is a very important step in anyone’s hair care routine that has to be done regularly, not daily. Washing your hair correctly not only freshens up your hair but also reduces the risk of hair fall by 50 percent. So, let us see what things you might be doing wrong while washing your hair and what needs to be done about it.


  1. Soaking

It is very important to soak your hair thoroughly first and then proceed to shampoo. This is because when the hair strands are not soaking wet, shampoo doesn’t lather properly and some portions of the scalp might be missed. This would result in the unequal texture of the hair and visible coarseness. For smooth hair, soak your hair in lukewarm water and then start putting in suds.


  1. Diluting

The consistency of the shampoos, most of them, are too thick to be lathered directly on the scalp. This also creates more tangles. So, it becomes inevitable to first dilute the shampoo with water and lather it between hands before putting it on the scalp. Make sure the hair dripping wet so the lather can be worked out fine. This dilution makes lathering easy because it mixes quickly with the water of the hair.


  1. Time Check

To be regular with hair washing is undeniably important. Check the pattern. When does your hair begin to turn greasy? One has to shampoo, in reality, before your hair turns greasy because much damage has already been done. This factor varies immensely from one person to other. So, when somebody says that they need to wash once a week, you should know that once a week works for them, not necessarily for everybody.

Also, you have to give essential time to your hair, washing haphazardly or too quickly, torturing your strands. Keep the conditioner on for a while. Give time to your masks to work.

Time Check

  1. Moisturizing

Healthy hair needs its supply of hydration and washing can do it wonderfully. The important thing is to condition it and use hair masks if necessary. This is because an adequate amount of moisturizing improves the texture of the hair. Unruly hair leads to more hair falling but when the scalp is well nourished, the hair becomes less likely to break.


  1. No Torturing!

You should know a few things that damage the hair while you wash them. They are mentioned below:

  • Washing too quickly
  • Combing through while washing
  • Rubbing the scalp with fingernails
  • Not using enough shampoo
  • Towel-drying aggressively

These things deteriorate the quality of your hair like anything. Over time, your hair begins to feel overwhelmed and breakage might follow.

No Torturing!


There are plenty of things that are recommended for hair fall, but washing your hair appropriately tops the list. Even your derma is likely to dictate a good shampoo and conditioner and check if you are even regular or not. This is because the dirt and oil buildup makes the hair greasy resulting in tangling and damage to the roots. Both things lead to the falling of hair strands. Keep in mind these tips to avoid the such inconvenience!