Most Effective Ways to Have Soft Hair

Most Effective Ways to Have Soft Hair

Soft hair is a dream of many because smooth hair equates to more manageable hair and who doesn’t want that? Such graceful is not only always appreciated but also gives immense joy to oneself. If your hair is on the smoother side, you are most likely to have less hair fall and more freedom to style your hair in various ways. Yes, once in a while, you can risk leaving your hair open while you nap or run errands. Rough hair, on the other side, becomes unruly with time and demands a lot of care. So here are a few ways to consider to help achieve cotton-like hair.

Ways to Make Your Hair Softer and Healthier

1. Conditioning


If you haven’t been doing that already, you are on the verge of losing hair immensely. Yes, in earlier days, nobody was as dependent on conditioners as we are now but the suds in shampoos made today is too strong which might compromise your natural hair oils. This is why conditioning your hair post-wash is a rather nice thing to do. Keep it on for 5-8 minutes and then gently wash it off. Your hair will be silken up after the wash has tangled them and taken up the moisture.

2. Hair Mask

Hair Mask

Hair masks are great foods for hair that target your hair concerns particularly. Do you have rough hair or your hair is breakage prone? There is a hair mask for every mood and every day. There are DIY options well for reasonable aspirants, like those made of mayonnaise, yogurt, honey, eggs, cream, oils, etc. Spread them all over the length and breadth of your hair and let them soak in for 20 minutes. Wash afterward with room temperature water and let the excess be soaked with a soft towel.

3. Don’t dry them!

Don’t dry them!

Yes, many of us rely on artificial drying mechanisms that are too hot for our hair fibers. Great hair is naturally handled, always. Exposing your hair strands to sunshine or a blow dryer a little too much has a major drying effect on your hair, resulting in unruly dry hair. If achieving soft hair is your goal, let your hair dry naturally. Remember, your hair and skin need more moisture retention to appear lively, like the plants.

4. Steam

Hair Steam

Yes, this is another method to let your hair soak in more moisture. When you have washed your head or have put on a mask expecting your way to work, steam can help the products penetrate deeper into the scalp or your hair strands. But for obvious reasons, steam is suggested to be used in moderation and effectively targeted to hair. Don’t worry, the steam isn’t supposed to be very intense, just mild to kick-start a few things.

5. Oils and Serums

Oils and Serums

Oils might sound like an oldish concept but most of us can not tolerate them anymore as our strands feel more tortured that way. Switch to easier-consistency oils like rosemary or argan or chamomile, which will prevent stickiness and can be applied post-wash. They quickly add shine throughout your hair and make your hair feel soft. Likewise, there are many serums out there to choose from for quick and easy touch-ups throughout the day.


Your hair will feel immensely soft and silky!

When you are starting new in the hair care journey, you have to go gentle because results don’t show overnight. Soft and smooth hair is gained through a consistent hair care regimen that is done regularly along with the things that shouldn’t be done to delicate hair fibers as mentioned above. When your hair is drier, the fibers may feel like that of dry coconut and you wouldn’t feel as comfy all the time, combing seems difficult, but so is styling them. Hence these tips will come in handy to help your hair soften up in a few weeks.