Hair Bangs in Vogue That You Need to Try Now

Hair Bangs in Vogue That You Need to Try Now

The hair is to shape your face effectively and elegantly to balance the edginess and curves better. Bangs are a great way to add more definition to your face if you need to and also help smoothen out your sharp features. These bangs can be creatively molded to one’s face shape and help accentuate its best features. This is why you should consider getting hold of such a style with the following recommendations. It will pay off tremendously and give your hair the movement it dreads.



  1. Curtain Bangs

Suits heart-shaped and square-shaped faces best.

Outfit for pairing: mid-length bodycon dress with a short blazer.

The term denotes the styling of the bangs outwards and then inwards to create something looking like curtains folded. The curves of the front hair strands shape up the defined square face and simplify the heart-shaped face with more soft outlooks. Prefer not to wear lavish earrings as they might be a little too much for your face to handle and it’d look overdone. Also, simplify your makeup game.

Curtain Bangs


  1. Voluminous Bangs

Suits rectangular and oval faces best.

Outfit for pairing: a halter dress or a one-shoulder dress.

They are effective in delivering more coverage to a broad headline. For a rectangular face, voluminous bangs will help equalize the jawline and for an oval face, this can be an active defining ingredient. Open hair with voluminous bangs on either side is an elegant hairdo idea for an official meeting or a cute lunch date. Statement earrings will give a bedazzling effect to your overall self.

Voluminous Bangs


  1. Feathery Bangs

Suits rectangular and heart-shaped faces best.

Outfit for pairing: full-sleeve turtleneck dress.

Like the feather, they are lightweight in feel and outlook and take away the monotony from a box-face shape. It gives out a relentless laidback feel and is easy to style. If you feel the rest of the bangs would be too heavy and troublesome on your forehead, this carefree cut can adapt to your side hairstyles and otherwise very well. These look great with a parallel running heart-shaped face.


Feathery Bangs


  1. Blunt Bangs

Suits round and heart-shaped faces best.

Outfit for pairing: peplum or strapless dress.

The classic bangs that never go out of time are the blunt ones, cut straight across the forehead right above your eyebrows. The blunt bangs are also useful in getting rid of the front styling burden that needs a lot of work. Rarely thinned down by the scissors, these are safest if your try at bangs was a one-time thing and more complex can be born out of them. Fancy shorter more intricate earrings.


Blunt Bangs


  1. Layered Bangs

Suits square and round faces best.

Outfit for pairing: Shirt dress or wrap-up dress.

As the name suggests, there will be bangs of different lengths starting from your mid-parting and ending around your ears. These layers create more depth in your face shape. Not only this, it hides the extremities of a round or a square face giving a fuller look to the former and sharpness to the latter.


Layered Bangs


The bangs can bring out volume around your forehead if you think your otherwise straight hair couldn’t deliver. Wavy and curly hair gives extra pump to your hair volume but if the strands aren’t like that, every haircut fails. But with bangs, your face can look for defined than before and the stylized side bangs can glam up your face to a great extent. Let these hairstyles be a haven of your hair heaven and enjoy a more effortless hairdo all the time!