Why Your Hair Doesn’t Feel Smooth?


Hair struggles are a real deal. One of the many things we face with our today is an uncanny roughness in our locks. But it doesn’t scream a nightmare like hair falling out excessively (at least!) and there are still chances of restoring your hair. Some of us naturally have hair more on the drier side whereas many have shinier and more manageable manes (blessing of the genes). But if you are concerned about your hair being not smooth enough, you must consider doing the following things for shiny and silky head noodles. Keep reading!



  1. Did you Condition Your Hair?

A very important step of anybody’s hair care routine is and should be conditioning. After you have washed your hair squeaky clean, it is safe to apply some amount of moisturization to your strands as this will smoothen out your hair, making it feel shinier too. Conditioning also helps straighten up hair after they have been tangled post-shampooing. Your hair will feel soft to the touch. In addition to this, you can also fancy a hair mask and keep it on for 15-30 minutes. Hair masks address hair issues specifically so there are a number of them from which you may choose.

Did you Condition Your Hair?


  1. Too Much Heat!

Oh no! You were out in the sun without head protection. Sun and its Vitamin D are very important for your body and especially your hair. But, the problem is, if your fine hair strands are soaking up the sun (or the sun eating up your scalp?), your strands will weaken over time. Hard to digest, this makes your hair texture worse, and not only you’ll have your hairy head spinning but also your hair will lose its shine and color! Use a hat?

Too Much Heat!


  1. Breakage!

When we comb through our wet hair or comb aggressively through tangles and knots, our hair strands feel a lot of tension. This tension is nothing but over-stretching and this is a big killer for your hair because when stretched beyond capacity, your hair is pulled out of its natural shape and curl. When it goes back to normal length, not only is the texture went but also the hair breaks often mid-length. Result? An uneven short hair strand sticking out of your otherwise regular hair that is neither equilateral nor smooth to touch. Collectively, these strands will make sure your hair does not feel smooth.



  1. Weak Strands

Strands can be weak, naturally. But in many cases, people take their good features for granted. Stop exploiting them, they need the same care as someone with very fine locks. When your hair strands have been weakened a lot, their shape remains irregular so they keep sticking out of order and don’t appreciate any amount of combing and organizing. They can not be tamed and this is why your hair might not feel silky because of the uncompromising unevenness. In this case, a smoothening therapy combined with straightening can help.

Weak Strands


  1. Too Much Suds!

Stop if you’re still using very hard shampoos on your beautiful hair. If you are washing your beloved hair with shampoo of detergent-strength suds that lack moisturizing agents, you are assured of scorched hair because all the moisture will be gone. Also, if you are not washing them throughout when the hair is wet properly, you will achieve uneven texture. This way your hair is not one but several entities with different problems. Use quality shampoo that addresses your concern specifically. And yes, comb only when your hair is fully dry!

Too Much Suds!



These were the tips that are going to play a vital role in improving your hair texture and hence making them feel more silky and smooth. With regular wash and careful moisturization, you get there slowly but surely. But apart from these, it is to be kept in mind that you shouldn’t expose your hair to too much heat, which is unnecessary. Reduce hair dryer usage to a minimum, for instance, and prefer light serum application twice daily.