Fashion Guide

Add-ons that can instantly elevate your look

Nothing can elevate your look in a better way than a few add ons. There’s this undeniable appeal to them that instantly amp up your look in a very effortless way without making them look too obvious. From colorful bags to stylish shoes, everything looks incredibly amazing even if you are wearing a simple or mundane outfit. These few pieces hold enough power to completely transform your look from drab to fab. We girls have to have them in our life so that we can give our otherwise mundane looks a needed boost and get ready to rock the day without worrying about not looking stylish enough.

We have gathered a list of a few things that you would want to add to your essentials list as they will come really handy when looking to give your outfit a needed change.

1. A colorful bag

A colorful bag is one of the essential things to have in every girl’s wardrobe. It instantly adds more character, drama and class to the look. This tip especially come handy during those days when you are dressing up in a simple and neutral-colored outfit but want to look stylish and fun altogether. You can simply carry a statement tote bag to add to your ensemble. With that, it’s also important to carry your bag the right way or else it may look either too tacky or make your ensemble look too chaotic. Go bold with red-colored bag or a little fun and quirky with neon colors, the choice is yours.

2. A pair of stylish shoes

No matter how many numbers of shoes you have but if you don’t have a stylish pair of shoes in your wardrobe then that’s quite a bummer. It’s quite a necessity to have such a pair of shoes as it can be easily worn with literally any sort of outfit. Be it fancy or a really simple outfit, you can swear by these stylish pair of shoes to amp up your look in a go. You can opt for vibrant colored shoes to embellished ones, they will never disappoint you with how good they look with your different outfits. For instance, styling your LBD with red heels will not only create a contrasting effect but will also add more depth and character to your look.

3. Colored contact lenses

One thing that can create a huge change in the way you look is the colored contact lenses. And Oh boy! Do they look hot? The answer is a big yes. They just look so amazing and adds extra appeal and charm to the look. This trick especially comes handy for people who have a vision problem and don’t want to wear glasses on some occasions. Instead of opting for natural colored lenses, you can opt for a different colored one. They come in all different colors, from grey to gold to green and blue. You can pick the one that suits your skin tone.

4. Hot lipstick

Going for a minimalistic look? no worries, a hot lipstick has got you covered. Whether wearing a simple outfit or a subtle colored attire, just adding a bold colored lipstick can work wonder to your look. You can go a little bold by opting for a hot red lipstick. It instantly amp up your look and make you look all glam and fancy. We know red may be a bold choice for you but if you carry it with confidence then trust us there’s no one stopping you from making all the heads turn.

5. A belt

A belt is the most underrated fashion accessory one could ever own. They are not appreciated in a way it should be done. They hold enough power to transform a drab outfit into a fab one. You can easily wear it over different outfits for different purposes. They give an outfit a more structured, polished and defined look. You can opt for a statement belt that can go really well with your simple or old outfits, especially the ones that are a little ill-fitted around your waistline.