Clothing Fashion Guide

Add these elements in your 9 to 5 wardrobe

It is important to have a proper 9 to 5 wardrobe. What is this wardrobe? This is the one that you wear to your office. It is important to have a lot of clothes, especially the ones that are comfortable and stylish both at the same time. The office is the place you spend a lot of your time working and thus it is necessary to dress up accordingly and to make sure the outfit is appropriate and comfortable. It means your top, pants, your shoes or heels have to be of some good quality and should be convenient.


Here are some of the elements you should add to your 9 to 5 wardrobe and enhance your office fashion which is stylish and chic and at the same time provides convenience and comfort to move around the office.

  1. Trench coats

Trench coats are a must-have in your office wardrobes. They complete the outfit and give you a beautiful chic and elegant look. Your outfit looks formal enough and beautiful for the office. You can pair this trench coat with all different kinds of outfits. You can pair it with a top and jeans, a dress, bodycon, skirt and blouse, over a suit, and many other different kinds of clothes. They are a great way to style clothes in winters as it provides an extra layer and at the same time enhance the look, making you look chic and stylish.

  1. Ruffled blouses

It is time for you to level up the blouses that you wear to work. Instead of the same, plain shirts, you can get yourself some ruffled blouses. There are several stunning blouses with different ruffle patterns. Some have ruffles on the neck, some have ruffles on their sleeves. These ruffles add a new element to the blouse making it look dressy. This element is dressy enough to be worn at an office. You can pair these blouses with pants, jeans, trousers, and skirts. Layer them up with a blazer, coat, or jacket if you want.

  1. Block heels

If you are a fan of heels and like wearing heels then you should get some block heels instead of those pointy ones for your office. When you are at work you have to move around and get your tasks done. If you like wearing heels then at work it can be a lot of discomforts to wear long heels and move around. To do so you can get block or platform heels for your office. These heels are comfortable to move around in and won’t cause you any discomfort.

  1. Denim

Get some good quality different colored denim. Nowadays there are so many different styles of denim available for you. You can get some amazing styles with different colors that you can style in different ways. You can get some dark jeans and wear them with a blouse and a blazer. Jeans are the go-to when you got nothing else to wear. When you are out of ideas as to what to wear at work you can always wear jeans with a shirt or blouse. Pair it up with some blazer to get that formal look.

  1. Suits

These are extremely important. How can your office wardrobe be complete without some suits? Suits make you look elegant and chic and formal. They give confidence and make you look professional. Get yourself some suits. You can get some matching sets such as a tank top pant and blazer or some proper suits such as shirt, pants, and a blazer. You can wear a blouse with these suits as well. When the temperature drops, you can pair this suit with a stunning trench coat to complete the look.


These are some of the things you can add to your office outfits to uplift your look. They are not only comfortable but elegant and chic at the same time. You need to enhance your office wardrobe so as to look your best. When you look your best you feel more confident. You can get some ideas for the list above and get for yourself some different items. Accesssorize your look so as to complete it and voila you are ready for work.