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Adopt these hair care habits to make your hair look naturally voluminous

Much like us, our hair has different moods. Some days it will look stunningly bouncy and voluminous, while other days it will look flat as a pancake. Our mane can never keep up with just one mood, it will keep on changing, and somehow we seem to have made our peace with it. Is it so? Or are you are still looking for ways that will help your mane look naturally voluminous? If that’s the case, then you happen to come to the right place. While washing your hair or using different hair products certainly helps a bit, the tresses tend to become super greasy by the third day, leaving you with no option but to wash your hair again. Did you know, frequently washing your mane is also one of the reasons why your hair becomes greasy so quickly? Washing your mane too often end up stripping it off its natural oils, leaving your hair drier. In order to compensate for lost moisture, your scalp overproduces oil and therefore causing your mane to turn greasy quickly.

Why wash your mane when you have such an easy-peasy solution- a dry shampoo, or you can simply rub some talcum powder on your scalp to remove excess oil and make your mane look fresh and voluminous yet again? While these were some easy-peasy and quick fixes, you can also adopt a couple of healthy hair care habits to make your hair look naturally voluminous.


Use cold water to wash your hair

When it comes to washing your hair, you should always try to use cold water to not only avoid causing any damage to your mane but also prevent your hair from becoming dry. Your hair reacts to different temperatures differently, and when it comes to water, you should always use either cold or lukewarm water to wash your hair. Hot water not only damages your mane but also makes it overproduce oil, making your hair look super-greasy.


Take the right amount of product

You should always take the product according to your hair’s length- not less, not more. Depending on the length of your mane, you can take a pea-sized or coin-sized amount of product to wash your hair. Instead of putting the shampoo directly on your mane, you should rub the product in your hands and then apply it to your locks. Taking the product more than it’s required will only result in wastage, therefore, always take your hair care products in an ideal amount. Additionally, you should let your shampoo sit on your mane for about 5 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water; this will help strengthen your hair cuticles.


Don’t comb wet hair

Your hair tends to be in the most vulnerable state when it’s wet; combing it should be the last thing on your mind when your mane is still dripping wet. If you want to detangle your mane, then make sure to use a detangler, not just any regular comb or hair brush. Running a comb through wet hair will only result in breakage; therefore, it’s best to wait for your mane to get completely dry before brushing it. Also, you should always start combing your hair from the ends and then make your way to the top.

Choose the right hairstyles

The choice of hairstyle can also impact your hair’s health and appearance; therefore, you should pick the hairstyle carefully. Instead of leaving your hair down all the time, you should tie your locks into a bun or ponytail from time to time to keep your hair from getting dirty quickly. Also, you should use a scrunchie to tie your hair; tight rubber bands can lead to breakage and headache.