Amazing Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Manageable In Summer

As warmer season upon us, the rising temperature and humidity can take a huge toll on our hair. Like the scorching heat damages our skin, it can damage our hair too so it’s really important like you take care of your skin in summer you take care of your hair too. But that doesn’t mean summer is all about bad-hair days, you just need to put some extra little efforts and a bit of cautiousness to have those healthy and good-hair days.
Summer can make your hair dry, frizzy, and unmanageable therefore it’s really important to include your hair care with effective steps. And by effective steps, we don’t mean you have to invest in 10 steps to make your hair care sound effective just the right steps that suit your hair type. If you struggle with brittle, dry, and coarse hair all summer that makes you tie them in a bun you’ve clicked on the right feed.
We have scooped out the most amazing and simple tips that will help you keep your hair healthy even in summer. Keep reading!


It’s really important to cover your hair as you step out. The UVB rays and the scorching heat of the sun can make your hair frizzy and prone to dryness which is a really awful thing to deal with. Covering up with a scarf will not only protect your hair from harmful rays of the sun but also help the scalp in retaining the moisture, making your hair shiny and bouncy. Also, the scarf will reduce the damage of wind that can make your hair tangled and coarse. So, next time you head out to make sure to carry a scarf along with you.

Wash Less Often

Over-washing your hair can strip off the natural oil from the scalp making it dry and produce an exorbitant amount of oil which is not good for a healthy scalp. If you regularly hit a pool or beach you can try rinsing your hair in the shower to get rid of any dirt and make sure not to use shampoo on a regular basis. If you suffer from oily scalp you can invest in dry shampoo or make your own DIY natural dry shampoo. Another quick fix is to dab a cotton ball in baby powder and apply it evenly to your scalp to get rid of excessive oil.

Avoid Hot Water

A hot water rinse in any season is a big no-no. Rinsing your hair in hot water is not a good thing. Hot water rinse can make your hair prone to breakage and making your hair follicles brittle. Hot water is known to open pores and like our skin our scalp too has pores and if pores get opened it can lead to complete loss of natural oil from the scalp making your hair dry and fragile. Therefore, to make your hair healthy and shiny always rinse them in cold water. Cold water will not only lock in the moisture but will also prevent any breakage or hair fall.

Always Condition

Even if you have the oiliest scalp skipping a conditioner is not a good thing. Conditioner is not an add-on step but the most crucial step of your hair rinsing. Conditioner not only smoothens your hair but also de-frizzes and locks in the moisture. You can also go for natural conditioners such as using apple cider vinegar diluted in water that will keep your hair locks manageable and shiny. And always go for air-drying your hair and restrict blow-drying as much as you can.