Ballet-inspired fashion articles that are having a moment right now

The fashion crowd loves nothing more than participating in a sartorial role play, they love to get behind a specific aesthetic, and this year is no exception. The previous year was all about tennis courts, this theme took over our Instagram feeds the last year, and lately, we have been spotting a new theme that is all set to ignite a fire on our feeds, and the theme is all about channeling your inner ballerina. Yep, the ballet-inspired fashion items are having a moment right now, and fashion people have already started to get their hands on ballet-inspired fashion pieces, enabling them to embody their inner ballerina.

What if we cannot ballet dance? We still can choose to wear some ballet-inspired fashion articles that will allow us to channel our inner ballerina. While there are a bunch of items that could be associated with the ballerina, we would be very specific about which items to get your hands on this year. Ahead, we have rounded up a list of some ballet-inspired fashion pieces that are having a moment right now.

Tie-up tops

Fashion articles with lace-up detailing have been trending for a while now. You can spot them in a myriad of forms such as pants, skirts, and dresses, but tie-up tops particularly exude a very ballerina vibe, and hence we are incorporating them into our wardrobes. Other than that, you can spot these tie-up tops in a variety of soft pastel and light-pink shades, resembling the ballet slippers.

Elevated leggings

It’s no longer a secret that leggings in their elevated forms are having a moment right now, and the fashion crowd is working these leggings as pants. While wearing leggings as pants isn’t entirely a new thing, the latest legging iterations not only feel trendy but also look so ballet-esque, hence they are on this list. You can create a really chic and ballet-esque outfit by pairing your split-hem or stirrup leggings with a wraparound top.

Stretchy headbands

If you have been active on your social media and like to keep an update on what’s new in the stores, then you must have come across stretchy cotton headbands. While there are a couple of hair accessory trends that are having a moment, these stretchy headbands specifically feel quite refreshing and are incredibly easy to style. This drugstore-friendly hair accessory will definitely help lend ballerina vibes to your look in one of the most simplistic ways.


Cropped shrugs are going pretty strong this year. It all started with arm warmers that were one of the hottest trends in winter, and now they are coming in the form of lighter iterations as well. Call them shrugs, boleros, or anything you want, but these cropped shrugs are here, and they will be sticking around for a while. They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the ones who are willing to experiment with these experimental shrugs should know that this article fits perfectly into the ballet aesthetic.

Ballet flats

This list is incomplete without mentioning one of the only items that gave rise to this movement, ballet flats. While the traditional ballet flats are a thing of the past now and don’t feel relevant, we have been spotting a new wave of styles that not only look chicer but feel fresher as well. Ballet flats in pretty pastel colors with extra-large bows and exaggerated square toes are all the rage at the moment. The fashion crowd has been loving this trend because of how impeccably chic and polished they make an outfit appear. Whether worn with jeans, skirts, or dresses, these ballet flats will help elevate your outfit in an effortlessly chic way.