Be Natural In Styling Your Pretty Eyes

Styling Your Pretty Eyes

Eye make-up is certainly a tricky task. You need a steady hand and slowly you will become the master of this art. This blog post consists of such make-up art which is good to go for a beginner or one who already possesses the art. As you know nude looks are the trend of this century thus, we have gathered some prime neutral looks that will appear good on every complexion. So let’s start.
Feathery Brown
Brown is the color for the years to come and years gone. The brown eyebrows and a hint of brown on the lower lid is a look one can carry every day. Gone are the days of pointy triangle brow, the trend is of the curve now. Thus get your eyebrows shaping done after this, apply the base layer of primer and concealer or foundation take a brown eyebrow pencil and smudge it well. Brown is a universal color and looks natural on every skin tone. After filling in the gaps between brows hair give a finishing look with the angled brush and comb them in an upward direction using the brush.

White Eyeliner

Styling Your Pretty Eyes with White Eyeliner

The look is for the people who wonder the tips to make their eyes look wider. I understand the pain of thin eyes every makeup doesn’t seem to suit us; and nothing really forms a shape. Well, this is what you must do to make your eye pop out. To get this look to apply the base then, black eyeliner on the top lid with a wing and in the lower lid inside apply a white liner merging with the black outer wing in the eye corner. Add on fake lashes to give volume to the persisting lashes.

The Lash Lift

Styling Your Pretty Eyes with  Lash Lift

This look is another nude look for you. To get this look you will need heavy lashes if your lashes aren’t such then adding fake lashes seems to be the option. Make sure you have voluminous mascara for this. Apply the base then your eyeliner; finally, adds on fake lashes otherwise, apply the mascara straight away while blinking your eye on the upper and the lower lid. Apply neatly, sprinkle some highlight on the edges and corner.

Smudged Eyeliner

Styling Your Pretty Eyes with Smudged Eyeliner

A carefree look is something that you don’t want to wear to the office. This look is perfectly suitable for a rock outing. If you have planned to go to a rock concert with your friends, the apt look will be smudged eyeliner. Apply the eyeliner with the blackest pencil, around the eye, and using a thin brush smudge it in an upward direction. You don’t have to be extra careful with the eyeliner as it has to smudge along the sides. If you are a beginner than firstly, you need to apply matt liquid eyeliner. You should not go for a glossy one because it will not give you the look. Secondly, use a thin brush to apply black eye shadow and smudge it with the eyeliner layer.

Two Shade Eye Liner

Styling Your Pretty Eyes with Two Shade Eye Liner

The last look is simple and chic. To get this look you need to apply primer and then a layer of concealer. Apply a layer of black eyeliner with a wing and then follow the same pattern with a different colour liner on the top. You don’t need a different line in the eye inner corner but the wings should merge well with each other. Overlap the other shade on the black line in the inner corner. Since I have been presenting tips for beginners with every eye makeup, so for this one I suggest you apply a decent bold layer of the one-liner and then overlap it with a thin black eyeliner. The bold liner will be visible on the top of the back liner. Apply mascara on the top lid and you can add white eyeliner on the lower inner lid, till the center.

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