Beauty Essentials

Beauty essentials you must have in your gym bag

Exercising is one of the best ways to keep both your mind and body relaxed and fit. We seriously can’t stress enough how exercising is so important for one’s mental as well as physical well being. And thankfully people have become more aware and have started not to take this whole exercising thing lightly. While regular exercising is all good and healthy but it can also leave you feeling gross, sweaty and sticky post a workout session. For someone who likes to keep themselves all neat and tidy, it’s important that you keep certain things in your gym bag so that you can keep feeling all fresh and nice without being grossed out with all that stickiness and sweat.
To all the girls who really love their work out, we have rounded up a list of 5 beauty essentials that you must always carry in your gym bag to save the day.

A roll-on deodorant

First things first, nobody would like to smell bad post their workout sessions. Your arms are one part of your body that can start to smell really bad, especially after all that intense workout session. This is why you should always carry a roll-on deodorant in your gym bag that won’t only prevent body odor but will also keep your underarms all clean, dry and soft. We would suggest you to look for deodorant with cooling properties that will keep the area all cool and dry.

Cooldown scrub facewash

All that workout can take a toll on your skin if not looked after. All the oil and sweat that got accumulated on your skin during the workout can result in endless skin problems and to ensure that it doesn’t happen, make sure to clean your face using a cooldown scrub facewash to get rid of all the oil, sweat or any kind of dirt. Facewashes with cooldown properties will help to calm your skin and make it feel refreshing and rejuvenated, whereas, the scrub particles will remove any kind of impurities and dirt particles that might have caused any damage to your skin such as acne and redness.

Cooldown hydrating gel

To make sure your skin remains healthy and moisturized all the time, it’s important to keep a hydrating gel in your gym bag. After you are done cleaning your face post-workout, make sure to apply a cooldown hydrating gel to keep your skin glowing and fresh. These gel-based formulas feel very light on the skin and don’t feel sticky to touch. It will help to keep your skin hydrated for about six hours. Another great thing about hydrating gel is, it keeps your skin calm and also helps to close the pores.

Dry shampoo

It’s quite natural for your hair to get oily more quickly when working out. While most of the people happen to work out regularly and it’s not quite possible to wash your hair on daily basis to keep it looking all fresh and free from oil, this is when a dry shampoo comes to your rescue. You can apply a few spritzes of the product on the roots of your hair which will help to absorb all the excess oil from your scalp and make your mane appear to refresh and soft all over again. Dry shampoo is a quick fix to your oily hair problem, which is why always carry it in your gym bag.


If your exercising involves a lot of running and walking outside, then you definitely must consider slathering your skin with loads of sunscreen. A sunscreen is one of the most important things to have in your beauty arsenal as it not only keeps your skin moisturized but it also protects your skin from harsh sun rays which can be extremely harmful. As your workout involves a lot of physical work, which means a lot more sweating, you should look for a water-based formula in your sunscreen which doesn’t get removed because of all the sweat. Look for a sunscreen with 50 SPF values.