Beauty habits you should say goodbye to right away!

There’s always a limit to do certain things, and when it comes to your beauty routines, you should know when and where to stop. Unless you plan to completely mess with your beautiful features, you shouldn’t be overdoing things that can work adversely for your looks. We understand that taking care of your hair and skin takes a lot of work and effort, and you love pampering them with serious beauty routines, but like we said before, things should always be done in limits. Sometimes we tend to forget when to stop with all our care and pampering, which can result in some serious skin and hair damage. You don’t need to go the extra mile to take good care of your skin and hair, sometimes the best way is to eliminate some beauty habits from your routine, and your life will be sorted for good.

Exfoliating your skin every day

While we know that exfoliation is strongly recommended to get rid of all the dead skin cells from your skin but over-exfoliating it or doing it on a daily basis is not something we would suggest. Exfoliation does help in improving blood circulation, but you don’t need to do it every day. Even if the scrub you are using is extremely gentle, using it regularly isn’t going to do any good to your skin; in fact, it will further damage the surface of your skin and leave it all dry and irritated. Ideally, you should be doing it just once or twice a week, and to make sure that your skin has cleansed properly, you can rely on double cleansing your face daily.

Using bath bombs

Taking a bubble bath not only sounds very relaxing and exciting, but it also actually feels the same. And the idea of adding a bath bomb to your bathtub may excite you even more, but did you know that bath bomb means more harm to your skin than doing any good? Yes, you heard it right. They may look all fancy and fun from the outside, but in reality, they are made up of detergent, which contains alcohol and many other drying ingredients. Exposing such ingredients to your skin is only going to zap it out of moisture, which can leave your skin all dry and itchy. Therefore, we would suggest you not to use these bath bombs.

Buffing your nails

Having strong and healthy nails is what we girls dream of having, and in order to keep them looking beautiful, we take the use of a buffer to keep them in shape always. If you are someone who prefers to do their nails at the convenience of your home, then we would suggest you to not buff your nails every time you plan on painting them. Buffing your nails more often than required is only going to damage them and make them appear very thin. Also, nail paint tends to adhere better to smoother surfaces than etched ones.

Styling your hair regularly

Freshly blown out or styled hair might look good and fancy for a day or two, but you don’t realize after the after damage of styling your hair on a regular basis. Making use of hair styling tools on a daily basis is a big no-no, and you shouldn’t be doing this to your hair. Hair damage, frizziness, dryness are some of the after-effects of styling your locks, and that’s not something you would want to deal with. You can use a dry shampoo to get rid of greasiness by applying a few spritzes of it on the roots of your hair. You can also make the use of hair accessories to conceal bad hair days.