Beauty rules that need to be broken in 2021

Over the year of experimenting with different hair care, skincare, and makeup trends, one thing that we have realized is some rules are meant to be broken, and you should never feel guilty about it. Every person has a different approach to hair care, skincare, and makeup, it’s not necessary to follow everything that you hear or come across on a daily basis. At the end of the day, it’s only you and your happiness that should matter to you and not what others have to think or feel, as simple as that. While the fashion industry gives you the liberty to dress according to your personality and preferences, so does the beauty world.

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you may have come across a myriad of beauty rules that aren’t mandatory to follow, it’s completely your choice, and if you don’t feel like following these beauty rules, feel free to break them and have a little fun.


Keeping your eye makeup simple with bold lips

Contrary to the popular belief, the pairing of bold lips with bold eye makeup can actually look really stunning when done correctly. While most women refrain from opting for such overly-dramatic or OTP looks, if you feel you can rock this pairing confidently and gracefully, then you should definitely go for this makeup look without thinking what others would think.


Wearing single eyeliner

Your eyeliner can completely change your entire look, while black will always remain a fail-safe choice, a little bit of experiment wouldn’t hurt, especially when you have so many beautiful colors to choose from. You can double the fun and drama by wearing double eyeliner instead of one color eyeliner. You can pick any two shades of your choice; it can be anything from black and white to beautiful pastel colors. This eyeliner technique is an easy way to make your eyes pop and jazz up your look in an instant.


Your hairstyles should look perfect

2020 was all about embracing our natural selves, it not only got us comfortable with the idea of having bushy brows and grown-out roots but also made us realize that it is ok sometimes to not have the most perfect hairstyles. Flyaways have always been one of the most annoying issues to deal with, but lately, a lot of women have been flaunting and embracing them enthusiastically without any hesitation. When flaunted with correct hairstyles, these flyaways can actually look pretty amazing and give you a slightly messy hair look.


Overanalyzing your skin

Seeing all those beautiful faces and flawless skin on our Instagram feeds often makes us feel more conscious about our imperfectly perfect skin. While every woman dreams of having flawless skin and some might actually be blessed with such skin, it’s completely ok to not have the perfect, flawless skin. The way your skin looks should never define you or the way you feel. Everybody has some flaws, and just because you are dealing with some skin issues doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world or you should feel ashamed of your skin and not love it anymore. The day you start to love and accept everything about you is the day you will feel the happiest. Hence, stop overanalyzing your skin.


Diagnosing your skin on your own

Things like this should always be left to the experts, you really don’t want to make any judgments or decisions based on what you have heard or seen on the internet. Experts are there for a reason, and they know their jobs perfectly well, so there’s no need for you to diagnose your skin on your own. Even if you are planning to make minor changes to your skincare routine, you should always consult your dermat to check if you are doing the right thing.