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Befitting ways to add shimmer to your makeup

The party season is here, and we definitely cannot keep calm. And when the party season is in question, how can we not mention one of the key elements, which happen to be makeup? The party or festive season is the reason we get to get ready, put on the best party dress, and of course, do the best makeup. Speaking of makeup, it is one of the key elements of the entire look. Nothing screams party more than shimmery elements, and one of the best ways to incorporate shimmer into your look is in the form of makeup. Instead of choosing to wear a shimmery outfit, you can choose to rock a shimmery makeup look to the party.

Whether you’re into minimal makeup looks or like to keep your makeup bold and loud, you cannot deny that a little bit of shimmer can take your makeup game to a whole new level. Adding hints of shimmer to your makeup can instantly jazz up your entire look. If you want to rock a shimmery makeup look to a party, then here are 5 different ways to incorporate shimmer into your makeup.

Shimmery eyeshadow

The easiest and most stunning way to incorporate shimmer into your makeup is by wearing a shimmery eyeshadow. A shimmer eyeshadow adds the right amount of drama to your look without looking imposing or extra. There are two ways to wear shimmer eyeshadow, you can either choose to apply two to three coats of shimmer eyeshadow in any color to your lids, or you can use loose shimmer. Using a shimmer eyeshadow will give you a more subtle look, whereas, the loose shimmer is perfect for a highly saturated look, it’s up to you how you want to rock a shimmery eyeshadow.

Glitter eyeliner

If shimmer eyeshadow isn’t your cup of tea, you can consider trying glitter eyeliner. It is an excellent alternative to shimmer eyeshadow, and when worn correctly, glitter eyeliner can add so much drama to your look without looking too imposing. You can either choose to create a contrast by wearing different colored eyeliner, or you can use the eyeliner in the same color as your outfit to keep the look cohesive.

Glitter lips

Another great way to incorporate shimmer into your look is by sporting glittery lips. Glitter lips most definitely aren’t for the faint-hearted, but there’s also no denying the fact that glitter lips look absolutely stunning and gorgeous when carried off correctly. Glitter lips are one of the easiest ways to up the glam quotient of your look and make yourself stand out from the crowd. All the eyes will be on you if you choose to wear glitter lips to the party, therefore, make the most of it.

Shimmery cheeks

If you want to keep your makeup simple but still want it to look party-appropriate, then you can easily amp up the look by adding glitter to your cheeks. And the only way to add glitter to your cheeks is by applying shimmery blush to your cheeks. When it comes to picking a blush, settle for the one that contains tiny glitter particles. It will not only help to add hints of shimmer to your look but will also add a dose of freshness to your face.

Inner eye corner

Highlighting the inner corner of your eyes comes with several benefits. Apart from opening up your eyes and making them look wide awake, it also helps to give your makeup a glam update. If you don’t feel comfortable applying shimmer to your lids in the form of eyeshadow or eyeliner, then highlighting the inner corner of your eyes is the best and simplest way to incorporate shimmer into your makeup.