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Best hair accessories for short hair that will amp up your look

It takes courage to cut your hair short. Girls who took the plunge and chopped their long tresses off definitely deserve a pat on their back, such a daring and courageous move it is. Although having short hair means less care and attention, it doesn’t eliminate the hairstyling part. While short hair can look quite chic and stunning without any hairdo as well, if there’s a need to make your short hair look more presentable and chic, then there are a couple of cute hair accessories that can make you look from drab to fab in an instant.

Not everybody has the time to style their hair or try out a different hairstyle, that’s where hair accessories come into the picture. Why spend hours on making any hairstyle when you can easily transform your whole look by using some cute and dainty hair accessories? Ahead, we have put together a list of some hair accessories that can dress you up a bit and amp up your everyday look.


Oversized barrette

Barrettes are trending hard this year, and they are perhaps the chicest way to make short hair look chic and feminine. If you are worried that barrettes might not look as beautiful on short hair as they look on long tresses, then you need not worry as oversized barrettes look absolutely beautiful on short hair as well. It is probably one of the easiest and quickest ways to completely transform your look. In order to pull off these oversized barrettes effortlessly, wear them on side-parted hair.


Ribbon bow

This one is yet another great way to amp up your look and make your hair look more striking. Do a half up half down hairstyle and then attach or tie the ribbon bow to the tied part to secure your hair. Ribbon bows can make your hair look ten times cuter and more fabulous. If you are bored of styling your hair the same way every day, then adding a ribbon bow to your hairstyle is a great way to switch up your look. You can find ribbon bows in beautiful colors; pick the one that looks the most striking to you.


Bobby pins

Hair accessories as basic and common as bobby pins can make a world of difference to your tresses. If you are struggling to make your hair look good or slightly more fabulous, then bobby pins might be able to help you create a super cute and chic hairstyle. But mind you, this hairstyle isn’t for minimalists, girls who like bold and experimental looks can definitely give this hairstyle a try. Do a side partition and pull the front part of your hair to the back, secure it with some bobby pins. Now, take some hair serum and add a tiny amount of glitter to it. You can apply this glittery mixture on your hair, focusing on the part where you have worn bobby pins.


Jeweled hair comb

Hair combs are incredibly easy to use; girls of all hair lengths can use them. If you don’t want your hair to fall on your face, then you can secure them at the back with the help of a hair comb. However, instead of using a simple hair comb, take a jeweled one to make everything look more fancy and stylish.


Hair scarf

A hair scarf is one of the easiest ways to amp up your everyday look; it can make your outfit look more elevated in an instant. However, hair scarves fall more on the casual side, so if you are aiming to create a casual or low-key look, then you should definitely opt for a headband.