Best hair care tips to deal with scanty hair

You don’t have any control over what kind of hair you are born with. Every girl is blessed with a different hair type, ranging from curly and thick to wavy and scanty. While this thing is beyond our control, our hair care routine is certainly controllable and can be altered or improved according to your hair’s needs and requirements. Every hair type comes with its own set of issues, of all the hair types that we know, scanty hair is the most unmanageable one and styling it can be such a major task. Although such hair requires a lot more time, care, and attention, it sure can look as amazing as you want it to, given if you follow the hair care routine religiously.
The key to having beautiful tresses is a proper hair care routine and if you are willing to take care of your scanty hair, then make sure to incorporate these hair care tips to your routine and this will change your hair game.

Give your hair a regular massage

Giving your hair hot oil massages is a tried and tested way of treating your hair woes. And when it comes to dealing with scanty hair, a regular hair massage would work wonders for you. Apart from nourishing your hair follicles, a regular hair massage also helps in improving blood circulation and plumps up fine hair. Owing to the presence of several hair-benefitting ingredients, these hot oil massages not only reduces hair fall but also promotes hair growth.

Be careful while towel-drying your hair

You cannot afford to take even the slightest chance with scanty hair; one mistake can result in you losing your hair strands, which are already very less. Therefore, when it comes to towel drying your hair, you have to be extremely careful and very gentle with your tresses. Make sure that you are not rubbing your hair with a towel but dabbing it onto the tresses to get rid of excess water. You should always let your hair air dry and try to use a microfiber towel to dry your hair.

Pick the right hair cleanser

You should always aim for hair products, especially shampoo, that addresses your hair concern. Shampoos that are best known to boost the volume of your hair and are targeted towards scanty hair should always be on your radar. You shouldn’t experiment with just any random hair product, or else it can worsen the problem. Therefore, only stick to the shampoos that actually work and are formulated for your hair type.

Try to switch styles

You don’t need any special occasion to wear your hair in a different way. Instead of keeping your hair in the same usual way for an extended period of time, consider changing it a bit by opting for a new haircut. Your safest bet would be short, layered hairstyles, which won’t only make your tresses look voluminous but will also make them look thicker than usual.

Use fingers to comb your hair

Like we said earlier, it’s not a good idea to take any chance with scanty hair. Instead of using your comb to get rid of tangles or knots, consider using your fingers to do the same. Combing scanty hair is never a good idea, it can make your hair look even limper, which is the last thing you want. Therefore, when it comes to getting rid of tangles or knot or you just to make your hair appear neat, run fingers through your tresses and this will solve the problem without actually aggravating it.