Fashion Guide

Best High-End Fashion Inspo for Winter’22

Winters are almost here! You have had a great fall fashion history, get ready for a dazzling winter fashionista as we discuss the top 5 high-end winter look inspirations for the coming months. When we say high-end, we mean to convey that what makes a celebrity look top-grade can easily be your thing too! Here we are breaking 5 voguish outfit combinations that’ll make up for an interesting closet!

1. The ‘Bossy’ Look
Combination – Black chesterfield coat, black bodycon midi dress, black mid-calf boots
Additional – Sunglasses, black or brown handbag, gold or yellow platinum sleek chain, and bracelets
Headed Where? – In-office, formal lunch, work-related travel, shopping, formal meeting, an official celebration

The bossy look will give you the edge you are looking for. Try combining blacks with deeper shades like burgundy, peacock green, wine, etc. It will enhance your curves and bring more versatility to your outfit. The look is easy to put on however goes very impactful!

2. The ‘Sleek’ Look
Combination – Beige trench coat, silky beige shirt top (inside), belt (camouflaged), beige straight-fit pants, black slingback heels
Additional – golden watch or bracelet or bangles, gemstone rings, stone studs, embellished or structured brown clutch bag
Headed Where? – Office, informal or formal meetings, fashion shows, late-night dinner

The sleek look instantly glams you up with its sheer overdone single-toned color components. Overall a very promising look and works for every skin color and body type. The open hair is to die for when you are enjoying the flare this outfit gives you. Donning a red lip? This can’t get any better!

3. The ‘Functional’ Look
Combination – Grey wool short trench coat, olive green high-neck top (inside), black straight-fit pants, Chelsea boots
Additional – pearl-drop neck chain and pearl earrings, silver platinum bands for fingers or wrist, sling leather bag (standard black color), watch
Headed Where? – Office, formal meetings, official tour or hangout, lunch party

This look is better for running errands which is why we have given it that name. Go for more toned-down neutral and leathery colors that are easy on the eyes and avoid colors too bright. Give more depth with darker tops and sweaters on the inside and enjoy the fervor and meticulousness as you are ready to adapt to any setting!

4. The ‘Highlighted’ Look
Combination – Black halter-neck knee-length dress (inside), black knee-high boots, red/vermillion/crimson/candy knee-length down jacket
Additional – Leather or metal wristwatch, silver or platinum or gold chain, solid golden loop earrings or embellished earrings, ponytail or open hair, black tote or baguette bag
Headed Where? – Shopping, formal or informal meetings, day out with family or friends

The reason why this is a highlighted look is that everything is black except what you have put over your baseline clothing. The color quickly amps up your basic dress acting like a canvas for an eccentrically colored jacket.

5. The ‘Traveler or Shopper’ Look
Combination – Beige trench coat (belt up), black high-neck long sleeve sweater (inside), black slim-fit pants, boots/heels
Additional – multiple rings, beige handbag, golden bracelets, open hair-do
Headed Where? – Shopping, flight, formal day out, romantic dates, formal or informal dinner party, birthday party

You are always running here and there all pretty and jovial and this makes you happy because this is a very dynamic look. You can take this everywhere and not regret it!

Fashionista celebs are the reason why we keep pushing ourselves toward becoming more refined and poised. But we don’t blame anybody because it is for our good. Looking sharp and disciplined is an appreciated virtue. These looks will make you stand out boldly and confidently, automatically turning you into a bomb!