Best Makeup Routine To Cover Dark Spots

Dark spots can be pretty annoying. We all crave for flawless skin but in the real world, we all have some flaws, so it’s nothing like flawless-looking skin.
Dark spots are nothing that fades away quickly; they take time to completely go away from your skin, but you can always use makeup to instantly fix these pesky dark spots. If you’re dealing with dark spots, using the right makeup products will help you cover the dark spots.
So, if want to know how to completely cover the dark spots, read the post till the end!

Step One- Use A Primer

Primer is the first thing you must use before applying makeup. You should always use a primer before applying makeup but if you’re doing makeup to cover certain things, primer becomes seminal.
When you’re doing makeup to cover up flaws, you need to increase the longevity of the makeup. And, here is when primer becomes really crucial. Primer not only puts a protective barrier for the skin but also helps to increase the staying power of makeup. Thus, you should always use a light-weight pore-minimizing primer even if you’re doing a minimal foundation look.

Step Two- Color Correction

After applying primer, the next thing is color correction. Dark spots are not easy to cover and sometimes they show up even if you have applied concealer and foundation, thus using a color corrector helps to cancel out the dark spots giving you flawless coverage.
Color corrector comes in different colors and each targets a different concern. For dark spots, a yellow color corrector works best for dark skin people and if you’re medium to fair skin, you should use a green color corrector that also works in canceling out red acne marks.
Make sure you use a tiny amount of the product and blend it out nicely.

Step Three- Foundation

Most of you prefer applying concealer after color correction but we suggest you apply foundation first. Once, you apply foundation you get a fair idea of what actually shows up and what you need to fix with concealer rather than using concealer all over and then using foundation making the base turn out to be super heavy.
Apply foundation like you usually do and make sure to blend the foundation nicely with the help of a damp beauty sponge.

Step Four- Concealer

The next step is probably the last step you need to do for covering up the dark spots. To cover up the rule is to use a concealer one or two shade darker than your natural tone. If you use liquid concealer make sure you’re not applying directly with the wand, take a small brush, and with the help of it apply concealer only to the areas that are showing up over the foundation.
Using tapping motion, place the concealer over the spot you want to cover and then with a slight pressure of hands push the concealer onto the skin. This is the best way to cover pesky dark spots without giving the feel of heavy makeup.

Step Five- Fix Everything

Once you’re done with eye and lip makeup, make sure you finish the look spraying a makeup fixer. Makeup fixer will help in increasing the staying power of the makeup and will also ensure everything you used stays throughout.

So, this is the best makeup routine you should follow if you want to cover dark spots. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!