Break the Stereotypes: Get rid of facial hair at home

What is the deal about removing facial hair? Women feel super embarrassed talking about the hair on the face. If the hair on the body is a normal thing to be, then why is hair on the face such a big deal? Well, if you are dealing with the same and are super shy to even talk about it, then there is no chance that you will go out to a salon to get them off your face. In such a case, we have some tips to remove facial hair in the comfort of your home. Have a look and try the best method for yourself.

Try Plucking

Plucking your hair is the most convenient and inexpensive method to remove any kind of facial hair. If you have very little hair on your face, then this method would work best for you. This is because plucking is a bit painful and if you do not know the exact technique to do it, it might cause itching and irritation. So, it is better to use this method only when there is not too much growth to pluck off. Just opt for a pair of tweezers and be careful while doing the same. The best thing about this method is that they pluck the hair from the roots and thus, hair does not grow back faster. The results last longer than shaving and it takes about three to eight weeks for the hair to grow back again. This way, you can have a hair-free face for a much longer time. Clean your tweezers every time before you use them.

Try Waxing

Whoever said that waxing is just meant for the body has certainly no idea of its utility and multi-benefits. Waxing is the most appropriate and common method to remove all kinds of hair from the body. If you opt for this one, it is bound to make your body as well as face hair-free for a much longer time. Although waxing hurts a bit but is bearable and thus, is definitely one of the first choices for every woman out there. For waxing at home, you have two options. You can either pick waxing strips or you can pick melted wax. Waxing strips have inbuilt wax in them and thus, all you have to do is rub it against the skin and pull it off in a jiffy. As far as the latter is concerned, you will need a spatula to apply it on your face and then, pull off it with a strip. This one also has a long term stay.

Go for Bleaching

If you are afraid of the pain that might be caused by plucking or waxing, then bleaching is the perfect choice for you. But for bleaching, you need to understand your skin type first. If your skin is sensitive, you will have to put in a good amount of thinking while picking the right bleach for yourself. If you have normal skin, then bleaching is not a difficult job. Bleaching is basically applying a chemical paste on your skin to lighten facial hair. When this hair lightens up, they become invisible and thus, they are as good as not existing at all. This is an absolute pain-free process and thus, your idea of removing facial hair is also fulfilled. You will find a lot of chemical kits as well as a combination of chemical and herbal bleach kits in the market.

Pick yourself an Epilator

Now, this method is the most convenient one out of the lot. If you have literally no time to go out and pamper yourself or to enjoy this Me-time at home, then an epilator is your perfect choice. This device is a miraculous gadget that has solved a lot of problems for all working women. It simply pulls out the hair from the roots and is radically pain-free. Most women use epilators on their legs and arms too but for the face, they are an apt choice. You can pick this device in any size you want and they will all solve the same purpose as other methods of facial hair removal. It is much better than using a razor because with a razor, you tend to have ingrown hair as well as hard hair. Therefore, use this one as a rescue every time you are short of time.