Castor Oil Hair Benefits That Will Convince You To Switch Today

Are you suffering from continuous hair fall and tried everything but nothing worked? Here we are introducing you with undoubtedly the best solution available for all your hair problems. Castor oil has been used since ancient times as a cure for numerous hair and skin problems. If you want to grow your hair, control the frizz, or retain the moisture level in your hair all you need is the inclusion of castor oil in your hair care routine, and you are sorted with all your hair problems at a bay.

What is castor oil?
So, if you are unfamiliar to castor oil we are here to tell you what actually castor oil is and how it benefits your hair. Castor oil is a vegetable oil derived by pressing the seeds of the castor plant. It looks slightly pale in color and has a thick consistency. The oil is highly packed with antioxidants that help to fight many hair and skin problems. Castor oil acts as an essential oil and needs to be mixed with some carrier oil before applying it directly to your hair. Remember you don’t have to use it directly to your hair; it has to be mixed with any other oil prior use.
Let’s jump straight into the benefits and see how it acts as a boon for all your hair problems.

Prevents Hairfall-

Hairfall is one of the most common problems we all have faced at least once in our lives or the majority of us struggle with it continuously. If you’ve tried everything but nothing worked castor oil is the best solution to prevent hair fall and help grow your hair at a much faster pace. Castor oil has the ability to boost and stimulate the growth of stagnant follicles.
And the application is very simple. All you have to do is mix it with any of your oil you regularly use and apply it on to your roots and scalp. Leave it overnight or at least for two hours and rinse it off. Make sure you are consistent with it to see results.

Healthy and Shiny Hair-

Are you struggling with dull and dry locks? Why not give castor oil a shot? Castor oil is backed with science and many dermatologists recommend it to be the best oil that not only promotes hair growth but also enriches the dry scalp making your hair bouncy and shiny. It’s rich in 0mage-3 fatty acids that once massaged in your hair stimulates the scalp and makes your ends strong and shiny.

Fatter Hair Growth-

We all yearn for long hair, and we want that to happen very quickly and that propels us to try everything that’s possible but do we see any positive and faster results? Unfortunately, we don’t. If that’s your struggle try castor oil. Castor oil is a rich source of ricinoleic acid that is known to grow your hair at a much faster pace. Massaging it on to your scalp will stimulate the hair growth tenfold. But, make sure you are using it regularly. One month of usage, the results will blow your mind! Thanks, us later.

Prevents Early Ageing of Hair-

Premature aging is one of the worst hair problems one could ever struggle with. We mean we all love our hair to be darker and shinier, don’t we? Castor oil is a rich source of antioxidants that reduce free radicals thus making your hair darker and keeping all the premature signs of aging such as graying at bay.

Controls Dandruff-

Dandruff is an awful thing not only it causes itching but it also makes your hair weak and thus resulting in hair fall. The anti-inflammatory properties present in castor oil soothe any scalp irritation and reduces dandruff. With regular application of castor oil, you can see a major reduction in dandruff and great improvement in your hair texture.