Chic Style Braids for an attractive hairstyle

Gone are the days when braids were just referred to as an old-school look. That simple 3-strand braid was literally everything that used to exist but today, with so many fancy hairstyles, there is a plethora of braids that look extravagant and cute. Look out for these fancy styles in braids that are waiting to be yours. Each one of them is chic, trendy and has the power to amp your style just like that! Have a look and pull them off on different occasions-

The pretty French Braid

French Braid doesn’t even need an introduction. It is the most loved and frequently spotted braid amongst women for all the right reasons. If you are thinking of adding an edgy look to your personality and actually want to attract attention, then this french braid will be the perfect choice for you. This classic french braid is the most popular style whenever you are looking for an elegant look. This chic style has a lot of benefits. It has the potential to transform your look in a jiffy and also keeps your hair off the face. It keeps those strands away and thus, saves you from the messy hair-in-the-face-look. Although it takes a little bit of practice, once you are done with it, there is nothing like it. All you have to do is pick three different sections of hair and braid them as you stitch. Go on like a regular braid first and then take little sections from either side to the center to curate the perfect french braid for yourself.

A fancy Fishtail Braid

As the name suggests, a fishtail braid has thin hair strands just like a thin tail of a fish. This actually sounds dramatic and looks even more glamorous because the art of curating this one is something unique. No regular person can successfully curate it in a hurry because it requires detailing and effort. For all those women who are actually looking for something that will add to their looks and upgrade them in no time, then this fishtail braid is the perfect pick. For every occasion that you are planning to go to next, this one will totally justify each of them. It is one of the favorite styles for every woman because it showcases trendy styles as well as chic styles effortlessly. All you have to do is weave delicate and thin sections of hair together to create a symmetrical effect all over. Pick two different sections and then pick the thinnest section from each side and cross it over to the other side. This should go on in the same way until you reach the end.

The bold Dutch Braid

The reason why we have called this one a bold braid is that it comes out too much in the face of the other person and is easily identifiable. This looks extravagant but pretty too. If you are tired of curating those regular hairstyles for yourself and are not even interested in pulling off the aforesaid braids, then this Dutch braid is everything for you. It is the best way to add a unique touch to your looks and will never make you feel like you are dressed casually. It has that oomph in it and so, you must try and create this look right away. The way it sits on top of your hair is actually amazing and super flirtatious. You can let your hair loose by curating this one on the top of your head or you can also combine it with a bun for the best looks.

An easy-breezy Rope Twisted Braid

A rope twisted braid is actually the easiest one that you can curate for yourself because it requires zero effort, literally. When it comes to braiding, this one has actually won hearts because it is easy to pull off and much easier to create. While this braid makes you look like a carefree chic, it also keeps your hair pulled back like a ponytail but with a little more dimension. All you have to do is tie your hair in a simple ponytail and then take two sections and twist them together to combine into one braid. If anything, you can just pull some hair strands out and make it look a little messy. But you should let it look neat and defined for most of the occasions. It is a perfect pick for all those days when you are going through a bad hair day or oily zones. It will help you look glamorous and still in vogue! A complete saver on time!