Chic summer alternatives to jeans

It’s no piece of news that summer heat can be pretty unbearable and do you know what makes this season even more intolerable? A pair of jeans. As much as we love this pair of denim, wearing it in such hot weather can be a bit hassle for anyone. While we are not telling you to completely let go of your denim pairs, what we are suggesting is to invest in things other than jeans that are more comfortable and easy to wear. Alternatives are many to list but we managed to pick out some of the best finds that will make summer feel like a breeze.
Fashion girl or not, these are the pairs that will add a sense of comfort and flair to your wardrobe which further will help you in creating rather more forgiving and chicer look at the same time. Picking a piece that offers both style and comfort is a rare find, therefore, when you manage to find one, it’s better to invest in it rather than letting it pass.
We have rounded up a list of some chic alternatives to your denim pair that are sure to make you feel more comfortable this summer.

Tailored shorts

Going with current trends of the season, tailored shorts are believed to be coming out really stronger. While denim cut-offs are very classic and timeless, but after having them worn for years, the idea of long tailored shorts seemed to be pretty interesting, hence the reason why more and more fashion girls are embracing this trend. No matter whether you like this trend or not, these Bermuda-length shorts have managed to make a lasting impression on the audience and are sure to stay here for quite some time. These tailored shorts can help you create a polished look without having to try harder.

Sweat shorts

Sweatpants have become our go-to casual wear for a lot of reasons. They are super cool, incredibly easy to wear, and most importantly, feel super comfortable. And we girls are all in for pieces that can offer both comfort and style. While these sweatpants can still be worn during summer, if you are looking for more warm weather-friendly options, sweat shorts are a great option to consider. Much like sweatpants, they also have a very comfy and laidback feel to them which makes them ideal to be worn in the house and while running errands as well.

Loose-fitted trousers

Trousers are an essential part of every girl’s wardrobe. Nothing can look more polished and classy than a pair of tailored trousers. However, this year, these tailored trousers are being introduced in slouchy silhouettes which gives the outfit a very business casual appearance. And if the comfy silhouette wasn’t convincing enough, the beige tones of these trousers may definitely persuade you into buying this summer-appropriate bottom piece.


Hotpants is yet another one of the hottest shorts trends that are taking over your jeans this season. These hotpants may look a little too tiny at first glance, but their knitted and crochet versions can add a breath of fresh air to your summer loungewear. Now that we are cooped up inside the house, it’s better that we own a pair of loungewear that can make this hot season more bearable and stylish as well.

Capri legging

Full-length leggings might be your preferred choice for yoga or workouts but if you are willing to compromise with its length then Capri leggings are here to save the day during summertime. It is one of the latest trends that are all set to take over your full-length leggings. And if that wasn’t enough, fashion girls are dressing up this piece by pairing it with fancy tops and heels.