Claim These Brushes for Your Eye Make-Over

Eyes are the delicate portion of your body. It one of the five senses, which makes you feel alive and helps to see the beauty of this world. Thus, keeping them secure must be our priority, if we talk about eye brushes then; we need a soft and gentle brush that will help you show some creativity with the eye. Yet there are many products you will find stiff and scratchy that would most definitely hurt your eye. Before you purchase any brush for face or eye test its flexibility and the quality of the feather. See if it could blend in the product nicely or is it going to leave marks. To check it, use them on your upper hand and see the result. The hand skin isn’t delicates as your face or eye but gives you a wage idea of how the product will work. Apart from that, today I will share with you some of the tips, which will give you the best make-up result.

Eye Brow Brush

Before you begin with the eye make-up you need to apply the concealer to the eye and set the shape of your brows. You can use the concealer brush which is a small yet thick brush, so as it could blend in the product nicely. For your eyebrows, you need to have a thin and flat brush for carving out the perfect shape of your brows. You need a brow pencil similar to your skin tone apply in the structure of your eyes then, use this brush to blend it into your eyelid. This brush defines your brows and gives a natural look to the eyes. This brush can be used for multiple purposes as using the same brush, you can apply a thin layer of eye shadow on your lower eyelid.

Eye Shadow Brush

Once you are done with the concealer and brow shaping you step into your eye shadow. You must have a minimum of two brushes for this type as whenever we apply eye shadows. It’s rare that we stick to one color, thus you can’t clean it again and again and use it. Therefore, the best option is to purchase at least two of these. You need these brushes to be thick yet small. They should be pointed as your eye are small and you need to give coverage to every portion, thus, you need to make sure they are pointed so that you can apply it easily over the eye corners. The thickness of the brush will grab the product and front cutting will make sure that it’s spread evenly.

Pencil Brush

The pencil brush is a thick brush with a peaky front. This brush is great for a lot many purposes, the peak will help you get the crease line, highlighter at the corner of the eyes and many more. So you need to seek for this miniature brush to get a perfect line on the lower lash as well as the ending corner. If you observe, you will find that this brush is extremely useful in creating a smoky eye with the help of your eyeliner just dab it a little over the outer edge of your eye and slide it in the upward direction. Make sure you are using a creamy eyeliner as that is the only one which will spread. If you have the liquid eyeliner it will get scratchy.

Crease Brush

Some of us have an invisible crease line, thus highlighting it becomes important, especially when you have applied eye shadows. Thus, you need a little flat brush for this purpose. Get some highlighting color on the edge of this brush and rub it along your crease line. This will enhance the line and help you blend in this layer with the rest of the eye shadows while moving the brush in front and back motion three to four times. If you like applying a solid color eye shadow in the end, then the flat surface of this brush will allow you to dab the color on your eyelid from the front corner to the middle.