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Common nail polish mistakes and how to avoid them

The idea of applying a fresh coat of paint on nails always excites us. As pretty as they look, the chances of them getting damaged or ruined increase very easily with every silly mistake that we make. And now that the beauty world has introduced us to so many easy and chic way of getting our nails manicured, we ought to pay more attention to our nails and make sure we don’t end up ruining them. If you’re as crazy for manicures as we are, then you probably know how heartbreaking it feels when your fresh manicure doesn’t look great and starts to chip off earlier than anticipated. Well, we all have been there and that’s probably because of all the silliest mistakes we have made after getting our nails freshly manicured. And to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future, read the article below where we have listed some common nail polish mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Applying just one coat of nail polish

This is one of the most common mistakes every girl makes with their nail polish. To make sure your nail polish looks even and uniform, you should always apply two to three coats of paint over your nails. Applying just one coat of nail polish not only looks very uneven but it also leaves some blank spaces especially around the edges of the nails. To make sure it doesn’t happen with you; always apply more than one stroke of nail polish to give it a more uniform look.

Taking a hot shower after applying nail polish

If you were thinking to take a hot water shower right after applying a fresh coat of paint on your nails then you better drop that plan of yours unless you want to ruin your nail polish. Well, if you are thinking how hot water has anything to do with your nail paint then you should know that the two can easily get in contact with each other resulting in smudged and bubbled nail polish. Always make sure to keep a gap of at least one hour between nail polish application and shower.

Not cleaning your nails before applying nail polish

Swiping your nails with a nail polish remover is probably the first thing every nail artist does before painting them. And there’s a reason behind why they do so. Even if you don’t have any nail polish on, you should always clean your nails using a nail polish remover to remove any kind of dirt or oil that are harboring on them. They can easily hamper the staying power of your nail polish and make them chip off more quickly than anticipated. Therefore, you should always start by cleaning your nails first using a remover.

Using expired products

Of course, this is not a makeup product and what harm it can possibly cause to your nails even if it’s expired? If this thought has ever come across your mind, you are not alone. Many girls think that using expiry nail polishes is still cool and they cannot harm their nails but this where they are wrong. Applying expired nail polish on nails can cause serious damage to them. This is why you should always keep a check on your nail polishes and make sure that you aren’t hoarding any nail polish that has expired long ago.

Hitting the bed right after applying the nail polish


Common sense right? Who would hit their sack when they have just applied a fresh coat of nail polish on their nails? Well, we understand that it’s mostly during the night that we get time to paint our nails but you should always keep a good gap between the nail polish applications and your bedtime to make sure you don’t end up waking with smudged or textured nail polish. Keep at least 3 to 4 hours of gap between the application and your bedtime to allow the nail polish to settle nicely on your nails.