Conditioner mistakes that are ruining your hair

Your hair pretty much functions in a similar way your skin does. One silly mistake can cost you your precious tresses, and you know it can be quite hard to get your hair back to its normal self. The kind of patience and care you show to your skin is very much required by your hair as well. You cannot take any chance with your hair; it is extremely fragile, which upon using the wrong product or method can leave it looking dull, thin, damaged, and whatnot. Keeping your hair well pampered is the only way to keep yourself out of all hair troubles. Therefore, it’s imperative to pamper your hair with good and effective hair products. One of the best products that work wonders for your hair and benefit it plenty of ways is a conditioner. Apart from keeping your tresses nourished and moisturized, it also helps to keep your strands luscious and healthy.
Being an important part of your hair care routine, you cannot risk going wrong with this product. In some cases, despite using the best conditioner available in the market, it fails to deliver all the amazing benefits to your hair. While some may blame it on the conditioner, turns out, it might be happening because of some mistakes you are making with its application. Listed below are a few common conditioner mistakes that are ruining your hair.

Applying conditioner to your roots

One of the silliest things to do with your conditioner is applying it to your roots. It is one of the most common mistakes that many women make while applying conditioner. Your scalp produces sufficient oil to keep your roots nourished. Therefore, instead of applying conditioner to your roots, stick to applying it to the mid-length and the tips of your hair.

Using too much conditioner

This is yet another common mistake that most women do while using a conditioner. It’s imperative to use the conditioner in the right amount. It is suggested to use the conditioner in a coin-sized amount, but depending on your hair length, volume, and type, you can decrease its amount. For instance, if you have thin and short hair, you might wanna reduce the amount of conditioner, as using too much quantity might weigh your hair down, making it look flat.

Forgetting to deep condition your hair

One of the main keys to keeping your hair healthy and luscious is to pamper it with a deep conditioning session. Merely applying conditioner on your hair and keeping it on for a few minutes won’t instantly make your hair smoother and shinier. It doesn’t work this way. The best way to treat damaged, thick, and brittle hair is to pamper your tresses with a deep conditioning session, and it will work more effectively and quickly.

Not warming your conditioner

This theory might come across as a surprise and bizarre to some, but it is actually true. When you warm your conditioner before using it, the efficiency and absorption power of your conditioner automatically increases, which will help to get better and quick results. You can either keep the conditioner under the shower steam or place it inside a bucket containing hot water to warm it up.

Using shampoo first

All your life, you were made to believe that conditioner is always supposed to be used after you shampoo your hair, and while this is technically the right way to do it. You can actually use your conditioner first before shampooing your hair, especially when you are trying to make your hair look voluminous. Apply conditioner to your hair and let it sit for a couple of minutes, follow it up with a mild shampoo to wash it off.