Cues to Get Perfect Curled Eyelashes

Eyelashes were just a protector of the eye from dust, dirt, or other particles but now are seen as a beauty element that uplifts the whole look, which in turn created this whole industry just focused on eye products. Long, dark eyelashes make the eye look extremely pretty. But now all of us are blessed with long lashes. We either depend on false lashed or heavy mascara. False lashes are easy to apply but are not applied on a daily basis. Let’s get to know how to use an eyelash curler to perfectly curl lashes for our daily day-to-day lifestyle, get them to look beautiful, and how to take care of them.


Steps to Get the Perfect Curled Eyelashes

1. Cleaning the Eyelashes

Clean your lashes before you curl them. Cleaning them removes any dust or leftover makeup. You can use any sort of cleanser to clean your eyelashes, be it water or makeup remover. Use a tidy item to clean the lashes with. Cleaning the lashes makes it easier to apply the product as well as easier to curl, as the lashes lose natural oil when cleaned.


2. Invest in Some Good Eyelash Curler

The cheap, low-quality eyelash curler wears out after some use. They are either made out of low-quality material or the glue to the rubber wears out and the rubber comes out of its place, making the curler of no good use. Sometimes the eyelash curler is a bit smaller than the eyes and that leads to weirdly curled eyelashes. Because the curler is smaller than the eyes themselves, when you curl the lashes using those curlers, some of the lashes might be more curled than others, or even not at all. Therefore, it is extremely important to invest in some good-quality and big enough eye curlers.


3. Brushing the Eyelashes

Before curling the eyelashes, make sure to brush them out. Brush them using an extra-clean mascara brush or simply the lash brush. Brushing them out helps the lashes spread out evenly and that helps remove any tangles that might be present in the lashes.


4. Heat the Curler for a Few Seconds

To get the best results and maximum curl, try heating up the curler for a few seconds. The eyelashes that are curled using a heated curler remain curled longer than those curled without heat. You can use a hairdryer to heat the curler for further use or you can even buy one that gets heated itself. Do not heat a metallic curler, as they might get heated up a lot and you might end up hurting yourself.


5. Curler before Mascara

People tend to do this common mistake of applying mascara before curling their lashes. Applying mascara before curling only damage your lashes. Curling lashes after applying mascara can damage or even break the lashes and you are then left with damaged curled lashes. Try to curl the lashes before applying mascara, as it will first curl the lashes to the max and secondly, the mascara can then coat the lashes properly and support the curled lashes.


6. Learn the Technique To Curl Them Perfectly

Curling the lashes, it not that easy as it seems. But you can easily master it with a little bit of practice. All you need to do is learn the correct way how to hold the curler and how much pressure you need to exert in order to get the curler perfectly. Make sure you curl each and every lash and do not miss any lash because that will give a very untidy look when the mascara is applied. So a proper technique is a must.


Bottom Line

People tend to apply mascara and miss out on the curling step. Curling the lashes brings out the eyes and makes them look more beautiful than they already are. Curling is not any tedious task and can be done in a minute or two. But this small simple task can bring out the best in you and elevate your makeup look to another level. To get the perfect lashes to look all you need to do is invest in a good quality eyelash curler and mascara. After curling the lashes it’s the mascara that brings out the curled lashes and completes the look.