Curly hair myths you need to stop believing RN

Myths have been a part of our world for no wonder how many centuries especially when it concerns beauty. While people may have had their own reasons to believe in those myths but sometimes that’s what they are, just myths. Till now, you may have heard a huge number of myths surrounding your skin, hair, and whatnot but it’s time that you stop believing in things that have no truth to them.
Every now and then, we keep receiving unsolicited advice from our friends and family regarding our skin or hair, while some of them may still be true but the other few are nothing but merely a useless beauty myth that has been spread due to lack of information. Not only these myths are created based on lack of information but they can also prove to be harmful. Therefore, it’s always best to stay away from such myths and feed your brain with the right information instead of believing in the fake ones.
Similarly, when it comes to curly hair, there are numbers of myths that surround this hair type and it’s time you stop believing them before you end up leading towards a disaster.

Applying oil on wet hair will help to seal in the moisture

It is no secret that oil and water do not mix quite well. There are many people with curly hair who believe that applying oil on wet hair will help it to spread nicely on the locks and seal in the moisture. This claim is nothing but merely a myth that does no good to your hair. Applying oil on wet hair only adds a temporary greasy shine to it and not a healthy glow. So instead of wasting your precious oil this way, try using a curl defining cream as it provides intense hydration and soft hold to the curls.

Multitasking hair products are good to use

First things first, when you have the right product in your vanity which serves its purpose well, you don’t need to use the multitasking products. The shampoo is known to cleanse your scalp and a conditioner provides hydration to your hair and leaves it moisturized. You shouldn’t use these multitasking products as an alternative to your actual wash and care. Excessive use of these products only leads to one thing and that is product build-up which not only makes your locks look oily but they also weigh your curls down.

Don’t brush your hair

It is one of the greatest myths every girl with curly hair may have heard at least once in their life. It’s not the biggest sin you’re going to commit; in fact, you should brush your hair to spread the natural oil to the strands. There’s no truth to this claim that brushing your hair will make you lose your curls. By brushing your curls, you will be allowing the oil to spread nicely onto your locks which further helps in keeping them healthy.

Making protective hairstyles to keep them from damage

Girls with curly hair often style their hair in scarf buns or boxer braids. As good as these hairstyles look on them, in actual; they are doing no good to your hair. Keeping your curls in one place won’t do any good as they start to form at the roots and you should allow them to create curls on the strand as it suits them. Putting them in such hairstyles doesn’t allow the curls to dry in their natural shape; therefore, you should let them be on their own and do what they do best.

Letting your hair grow out

No matter your hair type, getting your hair trimmed every few months is one of the must things to do, especially when it comes to curly hair. You shouldn’t avoid getting haircuts just because you don’t see any hair growth; you have to do it because of the split-ends as they can occur very easily. Also, getting hair cut has nothing to do with promoting hair growth; it’s yet another myth that you need to stop believing.