Fashion Guide

Current fashion styles to look for

Styles and trends come and go and it is important to know what is in fashion at the moment if you want to style up and look fashionable. Now is the time to use clothes and different styles to express your personality. There are so many different kinds of fashionable items that are now in style and area famous among the people. People can create their style or can mix and match different styles. There are so many items that are in vogue right now that you should add to your wardrobe to make the most of the styles and to look fashionable and always dressy.

You can create different outfits with these styles, making you look chic and amazing.

1: Academia

Academia is related to scholars and universities and literature and this style has all the elements that make you look scholarly and educated. This has two-part, the light academia and the dark academia. The light academia has a softer color palette with almost all the same elements that of dark academia which has a dark color palette consisting of browns and blacks and other earthy tones. Vests, pleated skirts, shirts, blazers, coats, elegant blouses are the elements of this style

2: Soft girl

This style as the name suggests gives you a soft and cute vibe. The color palette in this style is usually soft colors and pastel colors. This style gives your outfit feminine touch and makes you look cute and elegant. You can style tank tops, crop tops, sweatpants, skirts, shorts, and other clothes in this style. This look is super popular among young females as this makes the person look dainty, elegant, and cute. Add lots of pastel colors to your closet.

3: Y2K fashion

Y2k means the year 2000. This explains a lot. This style is nothing but the comeback of most of the trends of 2000. People like to dress up with the fashion trends of that year thus the name of the style. This style has all the shimmer and glitter from that yar along with the low-rise jeans and other elements. With hot pink and metallic colors, this is a vibrant style to dress in. Not only does this style has the dressy element to it but it also has a comfy side with those amazing sweatpants and hoodies from the year 2000.

4: Chunky footwear

Chunky footwears area extremely popular in today’s time. People are styling these with all different kinds of outfits. This is a unique style of footwear. You can see chunky shoes, chunky sneakers, chunky boots, and even chunky heels. You can get this chunky footwear and can style them for different occasions and events. Style some chunky sneakers with sweatpants and hoodies, chunky boots for the winter season, and types of denim and chunky heels for those stunning dresses to elevate your whole look and add a bit of drama to the outfit.

5: Floral Bohemian

Bohemian style is there for a while now and here you are looking at the floral bohemian style. In this style you dress up with all the elements in the bohemian style, the only difference is the prints. People use clothes that have flowers on them. This provides your outfit with a feminine touch and makes you look stunning. Florals are getting famous and are in almost all the styles now even in goth and academia. This floral bohemian style is fashionable. You can get some maxi, long skirts, and jackets in these floral prints.

Several social media influencers are also adorning these stylesand creating new looks with them. This helps in popularizing the things and making them trendy and in style. You can pair different styles together to form something exciting and new. There are so many more styles and trendy items that you need to look for and add to your closet as soon as possible. Look for all the new and old styles, and also the ones that made a comeback, and see what are the ones that are made for you. Dress up fashionably and look your best. Not only does it makes you look good but also enhances your confidence.