Different combs and hair brushes every woman should have

Your hair can make a lot of difference in the way you appear. And a bad hair day can ruin your entire look just like that. Considering every single thing, it’s vital to pay attention to your mane and that includes using the right hair products as well as tools. While girls usually pay heed to the hair care products, but when it comes to the tools, they often take it for granted. When nothing else works for your hair, simply combing or brushing the locks can do the trick for you and make your hair feel more manageable and alluring. However, one must know when to use a particular comb or brush as they are available in many different types, each serving its own purpose. With the right comb or hair brush, you can elevate your look in just a few seconds. Now that we have emphasized the need for having different combs and brushes, we should concentrate on what all types of combs and brushes every woman should have in her vanity. Let’s find out.

A wide tooth comb

A wide tooth comb is something every woman must have regardless of the hair length as it will serve you great purpose especially when your hair is wet. This comb comes really handy when your hair is wet as it helps in detangling the mane; in short, it helps in getting rid of all the knots and tangles that gets formed in the process of hair wash. This comb ensures that your hair get detangled without making it go through hair fall as your hair is in a most vulnerable state when it’s wet. This comb is suitable for all hair types.

Another purpose of this comb is it helps in distributing the conditioner evenly through the lengths of your hair.

Large round barrel brush

We girls love having big, bouncy and voluminous hair but that is only possible when you have got all the right products and tools in your vanity. Besides a blow dryer, you will need a large round barrel brush to achieve that perfect blow out. This brush is used alongside blow-drying and helps in taming your hair making it appear frizz-free, bouncy and voluminous at the same time. We recommend opting for a brush with a ceramic barrel and use it very carefully while drying your mane.

Paddle brush

A paddle brush is a flat, rectangular-shaped brush that usually comes with ball-tipped bristles coming out from a soft padding. This brush is an ideal tool for straightening your hair. Use it while your hair is dry by running it through your mane and you will have your sleek strands of hair in no time. The bristles of this brush also help in massaging and stimulating the scalp as it easily penetrates the hair. You can also use it to reduce snags and tangles.

Boar bristle brush

This brush is more of an investment than being just a basic brush as it serves more purposes than just one. However, to get the best use and durability out of this brush, it’s better to invest in one that is of high quality. And once you have invested in this brush, it will serve you for a lifetime. These brushes usually feature long nylon bristles which helps in stimulating the scalp. Besides that, it also helps in detangling your mane whilst distributing the sebum.

Fine-tooth comb with sharp tail

It is one of the combs every woman must-have.This comb comes handy in styling a variety of hairstyles like braids, managing fringes and also to backcomb your mane to add extra volume to your hair. Whereas,the sharptail allows you to section your hair and style it accordingly. It comes in plastic material and is also tiny in size making it easier to carry to in your handbag.