Does your skin feel sticky after applying skincare products? These might be the reasons

Skincare products are one of the main keys to hydrated and moisturized skin, but there are some products that often leave the skin feeling sticky or greasy, which is not a good thing, and neither it should happen in the first place. If you experience any kind of stickiness or greasiness after using your skincare products, you need to stop using them right away. All your skincare products are supposed to be absorbed into the skin within five minutes of their application, but if your skin is failing to absorb them and feels greasy or sticky instead, then there’s definitely something wrong, and you need to figure out the same.

Having sticky skin means having too many skin woes. All the dirt and other impurities from the surroundings settle onto the sticky skin, which in turn, invites a myriad of skin issues such as acne breakouts, skin infection, etc. This can be even more disastrous if you have an oily skin type considering it overproduces oil. Hence, it’s crucial to determine the causes of this problem so that you can address them in an appropriate way and timely manner, thereby preventing nasty skin issues.

Listed below are some of the common reasons why your skin feels sticky after applying the skincare products.


Taking too much product

When it comes to skincare products, you have to be very careful of what portion size you are taking. Taking too much product won’t suddenly make your skin look flawless or give you faster results. Your skin can only absorb a particular amount of the product; the excess product will remain on the surface of your skin only, thereby making it feel sticky. Be it a moisturizer, sunscreen, or night cream, you should take all the products in the right proportion to avoid making your skin feel sticky.


Applying the wrong product

Given the fact that every skin type has different sets of needs and concerns, it is essential to use the right skincare product in order to address all your skin’s needs and concerns effectively. For instance, using a skincare product that is meant for dry skin when you actually have oily skin will cause your skin to overproduce oil, which can worsen the problem. Therefore, you should be very mindful of your beauty purchases. Always check the formula and ingredients list before buying any skincare product.


Using products in any random order

Here’s the thing about skincare products, merely applying them on your skin won’t help deliver effective results, you need to use them in the right order to make sure that all your skin’s needs are being met. One of the only ways to ensure product efficacy is by using your skincare products in the correct order. You should always start off with products that are thin in consistency and can easily be absorbed into the skin and finish off with the ones that have a thick formula like a moisturizer.


Not letting your skin absorb the products completely

Layering your skincare products one after the other is not the right way to follow a skincare routine. Every skincare product needs a couple of minutes to get absorbed into the skin completely; therefore, you must give each skincare product some time for absorption. Failing to give your skincare products enough time to get absorbed into the skin will leave it feeling sticky or greasy.


Using an expired product

Using an expired product can also be a reason why your skin feels so greasy or sticky post its application. If you feel your skincare product is leaving your skin sticky or greasy and you haven’t encountered this problem before, then there are chances that your product has expired. Therefore, make sure to check the expiry date and store all your beauty products in a cool and dark place to maintain their shelf life.