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Dos and Don’ts of flaunting the perfect cocktail Ensemble

Cocktail attire is nonetheless the most flattering piece in the entire range of apparel because it has a lot to do with class and sophistication. The reason why it has been referred to as a cocktail dress and not a party dress is that a party dress might look casual but classy. But a cocktail dress should look neat and clean with a formal crease and chic style. It is an epitome of style and thus, there is no way that a cocktail dress can let you down. Unless you do not follow the rules of wearing the perfect cocktail attire. There are certain dos and don’ts of wearing and flaunting this one perfectly. You must keep notice of all of them and then pick your favorite piece. Some of these tips might be obvious but some might surprise you. Have a look and then choose the most appropriate outfit!

Appropriate Hemline and Neckline

For any sophisticated cocktail attire, you should know that the first rule is to avoid dressing too revealing. Dressing in revealing clothing is something you don’t want to do because it will grab you unnecessary attention. Yes, we all dress to impress and that is a great thing to do but dressing inappropriately and then grabbing attention is not a good gesture. You should always pay attention to the hemline and the neckline. The hemline should not be too high as it will reveal your legs and make them noticed. Your neckline should also not plunge because there should be skin show in the most elegant way. Never forget that showing too much skin can sometimes become a big turn off and spoil your entire look.

Skip denim & Wear Sleek Trousers

A cocktail party is supposed to be a semi-formal kinda outing and that is why you need to be careful about what you should wear to this party. Out of all the bottoms that have been curated, whether it is your boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans or even paper bag trousers, the best cocktail outfit is a pair of sleek trousers. These sleek trousers will turn out to be your perfect pick for every formal as well as an informal outing. They look impressive from a distance and have the potential to make you look taller and slimmer. Risking a pair of denim for your formal outing will actually turn your look into a drab outfit. So picking a pair of polished trousers over a long dress is the safest option for a cocktail occasion.

Skip handbag & Carry a Minaudiere clutch

For the perfect cocktail attire, it is imperative to pick statement pieces that will add vibrancy to the entire outfit. Whenever you step out of the house, you should always pay attention to the accessories you are picking. Just one piece can instantly upgrade your look and make you stand out from the crowd. Minaudiere is a small decorative clutch without handles and is supposed to be carried for such outings. This Minaudiere clutch is a great partner for your fancy dresses because no matter what, a clutch will always look stylish and sexy. Pick this one instead of a sling or tote bag and set your style on fire! Also, you should pick this one in contrasting colors to set your personality apart from the rest of the crowd.

Pick one Standout accessory

It is believed that accessories can create an everlasting impression on everyone out there because they are just so pretty. So, as a matter of thumb rule, you should never skip wearing accessories. In fact, a cocktail attire allows you to pair as many you want. Pick sleek accessories and pair them accordingly. But do you know what is even better? Picking one statement piece for yourself that will not only grab attention but will become the sole focus of your dress. It is recommended to pair at least one accessory with your outfit that you love. This will literally save you for all the occasions.

Wear the rightly fitted lingerie

Do not let your underpinning show whenever you are going out for a cocktail night. This is very important because bra straps peeking from under a dress is not the best idea! Going the extra mile to make sure that your bra straps or shapewear aren’t visible underneath your dress is only the wisest thing to do. Pay attention to details and make sure that this aspect is paid attention to.