Fashion Guide

Dress Up a Flat Dress with These Accessories

Summers are back in as so is the clothing. We all love this refreshing season after the gloomy winters. The tan, the food, the loose clothing, etc there are tons of things that we just love about this season. However, sometimes an item of loose clothing such as a flat dress can be difficult to wear. These are the super comfortable dress but can look awkward when wore without accessory so today we will be discussing some of the jewelry items as well as other comfortable attachments that will add glam and make a captive dress out of it. So let’s get in with the list.

Square Toes Heels

The recent addition in the fashion industry is the square toes heels. These look super cute as well as elegant. Moreover, you can not only wear them with this outfit. If you work in an office you can wear these with formal outfits as well. These are sort of a new design in mules we can say that. However, the shape on the toe side makes a lot of difference. Now, if you have a wider toe structure than you must invest in this form of flats or heels. They will support the structure of your foot better than any round foot can. You have suffered enough because your toes pinky was always peeking out of the shoe, making it look awful. So get these and enjoy your summer.

Long Chain Neck Pieces

These neckpieces have such a summer vibe added to them. Even if you are visiting the beach or moving out shopping with friends, this necklace will add a hint of glamour to your outfit. Since our dress has no structure of its own, wearing a neckpiece like this compliment the dress in a lot of ways. You cannot go wrong wearing a choker with this dress as a long chain with a big pendant will be flawless. We all know the neckline touching necklaces, are in trend but not with these dresses.


In the early spring wear, a flat dress can be what you want to wear but styling it can be tricky. Since it’s not so warm and not even cold it’s sort of season change. You might want to protect yourself from the season change. Well, protection can be done with style. Wearing heels ankle-length boots with a hat, this might feel a little cowboyish to you but can look really cool and fun. So if you are into a playful relaxing sort of vibe, you can add these two together and walk down the streets. This look is something that will look fabulous if you walk like you have no care in the world. You can pair a hat with mules as well if boots look dramatic.

Half-Tie Hair Bun

Why do we have to purchase a new item every time while styling? We can play with our hair. These are the natural god gifted accessory we have so styling a half tie bun with this dress can be a really hype look for summers. You will have some of the hairs tied up and some flowing back. This is the perfect hairstyle for summer, now, if you add on a jean jacket on top of your dress with this half bun, you will look extravagant. This will be a perfect look for an evening outing. Try on this and you will see for yourself the change.


If you do want to give some structure to this dress, you can do that by wearing a belt. There comes a time when we have worn a dress so many times that we are bored with it. Wearing a belt will bring just the change you need with this dress. You will add some structure around the waistline if it is long. Otherwise, for short dress wear it just an inch beneath the bra ends.