Earring trends that can make any outfit look expensive

While we spend a large sum of money on buying clothes and shoes, which are a great investment and certainly do well for the wardrobe, there’s also no denying the fact that no piece of clothing is typically worn more than twice or thrice. An ensemble looking cheap is one thing that almost every girl dreads about. Everybody likes their outfit to look expensive, and wearing expensive clothes is not the only means of making your outfit look fancy. Sometimes, your accessories can play a big part in making your ensemble look expensive and, your jewelry certainly has a big role to play in this. Nothing can work more amazingly than a pair of earrings to make your outfit look more polished and put-together. It acts as a missing piece in your outfit that can instantly transform your look from drab to fab with zero efforts involved.
Listed below are some of the best earrings trends that not only look chic but can also make your outfit look expensive in an instant.

Tube hoops

Hoops earrings have been here for quite a long now, and we certainly don’t think they are going anywhere anytime soon. There is something about this earring trend that feels so effortless and versatile. Having these earrings in your collection is like having a safe backup, which can come to your use pretty much every single time, no matter the occasion. Contrary to thin and delicate hoops we have seen before, these tube hoops feature thicker silhouette, which not only adds a sense of sophistication to your look but also makes your outfit look pretty expensive at the same time.

Dainty Huggies

On days when you want to keep things to minimal, but still want that glam quotient in your outfit, you can consider switching your long earrings with some dainty Huggies. It is a sure-shot way to up the fashion quotient of your outfit and makes it look well put-together. You can take your earring game up a notch by wearing a stack of dainty earrings, only if you happen to have a lot of piercings on your ear. You can find Huggies in a plethora of options featuring different details and embellishments.

Threader earrings

Looking for a dainty pair of earrings to wear with your outfit? No worries, threader earrings are here to solve your problem. Despite having a very dainty and sleek silhouette, threader earrings can actually manage to be the hero of your look when carried the right way. Although threader earrings aren’t very imposing and don’t feature any prominent detailing, their simple and dainty design works incredibly well with pretty much everything in your wardrobe. The pair will give an illusion of a trail of sparkle dangling from your lobe.

Earrings with a pop of pearl

Pearl is something that no woman can ever go wrong with. They pretty much remain in style all time. Besides adding a touch of sophistication and classiness to your look, its exquisite appearance does wonders for your ensemble and instantly makes your outfit look graceful. Look for a pair of earrings that feature a few other add-ons and ornaments.

Ear pins and ear cuffs

For all those who are looking for a quirky and chic pair of earrings that can serve as a statement look, ear pins and ear cuffs are possibly your safest bet. Adding this pair of earrings to your outfit will instantly change the whole vibe of your look whilst adding a hint of edginess and chicness to your ensemble. While ear pins are a lot more prominent and pretty bewitching, ear cuffs are more on the dainty and sophisticated side that alone can do wonders for your look.