Easy and Simple Hair Care Tips to Keep Tangles at Bay

No matter your hair type or length, getting knots and tangles in your mane is one hair woe that almost every girl deals with. And it is something that can be quite painful. And if you thought that combing or brushing your hair might solve the problem, then you might want to remember the times when the minute you step out of your house, your hair cannot seem to contain itself and results in a complete tangled and knotty mess. Just imagine, all the time that you spent to dress up your hair went completely into vain, can things get any frustrating than this?
Knotty, tangled hair has always been an issue for many girls, and as tricky as this problem may seem, avoiding it is not really much of a hassle. Having hair that is silky, smooth, and tangle-free is a dream come true for many girls and if you wish to have such mane, all you need to do is follow these easy and simple hair care tips.

Condition your hair

Believe us; merely washing your hair with shampoo isn’t going to make any significant change in your hair texture. Conditioner is there for a reason and you ought to use it to keep your hair well hydrated and nourished. Every time you wash your hair, make sure to apply a good amount of conditioner to your mane and let it absorb properly for a few minutes. A conditioner provides hydration and moisture to your hair which further keeps your locks from getting tangled.

Apply a hair mask every once a week

It’s extremely crucial to have the right hair care routine for yourself. Much like your skin, your hair also requires some kind of hydration and moisture which can either be infused through conditioner or hair masks. And if the conditioner isn’t working in the favor of your hair then you should try incorporating a hair mask into your hair care routine. Deep conditioning allows the goodness of the product to penetrate deeper into the hair follicles and this further helps in keeping the hair moisturized and hydrated. You can apply the hair mask once a week for at least 30 minutes and this will significantly change your hair’s texture and will help in minimizing tangles.

Get your hair trimmed frequently

One of the easiest ways to get rid of your hair woes is to get your tresses trimmed. Believe it or not, getting frequent hair trims can do a lot of good to your tresses. The longer you take to get your hair trimmed, the higher the chances of your hair getting damaged. This damage can be attributed to split-ends which not only make your hair dry but also end up damaging it. And it’s no piece of news that dry hair is more susceptible to getting tangled than others; therefore, always get your hair trimmed once every three months to keep all the split-ends and annoying tangles at bay.

Tie your hair while sleeping

Many girls have a habit of keeping their hair open when they sleep and this does nothing good for your hair, in fact, it might be one of the reasons why your hair is getting knotty or tangled. The friction produced between the strands and pillowcase every time you change your sleeping position or toss around, can make your hair to get tangled. Therefore, before you hit the bed, make sure to tie your hair into a loose braid or bun to keep it from getting tangled.

Rinse your hair with cold water

While we agree that warm water feels good to the body and hair as well but in reality, it can end up damaging your hair by causing it to dry. Warm water exposed to hair results in opening-up of hair cuticles and this can further make your hair to break or become frizzy. To make sure that no harm or damage is done to your hair, always rinse it with cold water post-shower to close the cuticles. This won’t only keep all the tangles at bay but will also add extra shine to your hair.